Love Ya Baby: 5 Modern Stories of Love & Crime

Love Ya Baby by Gary Sanders
Love Ya Baby by Gary Sanders
Gary Sanders’ new collection of five hard-hitting neo-noir crime fiction short stories, Love Ya Baby, has just been released.

Gary Sanders is an accomplished screenwriter specializing in crime dramas and action thrillers. The short story collection, Love Ya Baby is his first book; his first novel, a supernatural Hollywood thriller will be published later this year.

The Stories in Love Ya Baby:


A rogue DEA agent, a young handsome Sheriff in a Texas border town & the powerful boss of the top drug cartel in Mexico, all want one thing more than life itself…Elena! The border will explode as they battle for her love.


Nick is a cabbie on the West L.A. night shift working his way through law school, until he meets Ce’line. At 27, Ce’line is a beautiful blond from France who has carved out a high paying gig torturing the city’s most powerful men for fun & profit. When Nick & Ce’line fall in love & team up on a $10 million heist hard rain starts to fall.


A young man on the run from lost love and his fast L.A. lifestyle lands in Portland Oregon. When his life is saved by a young beauty named Gina he thinks he’s found a gem. He soon discovers that perfect looking Gina at only 19, is a hooker addicted to heroin. He sets out to save her from herself….Can he do it?


It’s the early 70’s and Rick the Rod is the mob’s main man in Las Vegas. The Stardust is Rick’s number one job. Rick blocks a take over from the Chicago outfit and starts a war with a new kid the old man has sent out from Kansas City. Rick finds love with Gloria who helps out by running his side business, a porn studio. This is a close up look deep inside their world.


The Indian Cowboy and his Watson, Dr. Construction, are on another road trip adventure to save an imprisoned man who they feel is innocent. It’s when they stop in Barstow to check on their childhood friend Frosty that they are forced to confront a SWAT team and a group of angry federal agents.

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