New children’s book release!
Lulu Looks for Love by Katie Pfeiffer

Lulu Looks for Love - Katie PfeifferKatie Pfeiffer’s new children’s book, Lulu Looks for Love, has just been published.

Lulu the cow is lonely. With a cat as a guide, she searches the world for love, in all sorts of fascinating places. But she just can’t seem to find it – until she looks in the most unexpected place of all.

Katie Pfeiffer’s heartfelt tale of love and friendship, and her 17 colorful, whimsical illustrations will resonate with children and adults alike.

It’s available for Kindle. Learn more or buy Lulu Looks for Love, at Amazon.

Here are a couple sneak previews of this charming book!



Drop by Amazon to get Lulu Looks for Love for only $2.99!
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About Katie Pfeiffer

Katie Pfeiffer is a Philadelphia-based artist and designer. You can view more of her work at Her artwork, and merchandise bearing her designs are available at Zazzle and Saatchi Online. You can also find her on Twitter (@KatiePfeiffer1) and Facebook.

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