Poetry Book Release – Living on the Slopes of Volcano Mountain: Poem Collection of Ali Salehi

Ali Salehi’s collection of poems, Living on the Slopes of Volcano Mountain, has just been published.

Living on the Slopes of Volcano Mountain: Poem Collection of Ali SalehiThis book, the poet’s first in the English language, includes poems written since 1994. Many of the poems have been selected by the poet from amongst his works published in Persian literature journals and websites. Others are published here for the first time, due to governmental restrictions in Salehi’s native Iran.

The collection includes poems about life, love, dreams and humanity; the small details drawn from everyday living vividly bring them, and Salehi’s voice to life.

Salehi is a petrochemical engineer and poet based in Tehran, Iran, where he lives with his wife, Mahnaz, and two children, Nika and Yuna. He says he tries “to be a poem, not a poet.” His first collection of modern Persian poetry, “Call me by my first name sometimes” was published in Iran in 2004. He is also an amateur caricaturist and musician. You can visit Ali Salehi’s blog (in Persian).

Here are some poems from Living on the Slopes of Volcano Mountain: Poem Collection by Ali Salehi. You can buy the book at Amazon or Alibris.


Your bedtime stories
       and my insomnia
                will end by a diazepam 100 …
The nights have not any remedy.


Even falling
      did not close my body to freedom
                                                    not to you …
I shall return
   and review the Free Fall rules in my high school physic books.


I fall out on your lips.
I am not Newton
          and no need to discover your gravitation.
I nibble you with peel …

Free fall

Our likeness
was same as our difference in flight and falling;
Y=1/2 gt²


Without the colorful wings of hunt excuse
mounted on the wall with a pin
you have return to your silkworm origin
you are cold
you are cold…
Do you have a loaned shirt for an obsolete butterfly?

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