Poets H.D. Moe & Mark Schwartz – March 6, 2012

Dear Friends, Art lovers & Cogent Inconoclasts, Mark Schwartz & I, H.D. Moe are presenting an evening of our Poems near Telegraph Avenue- 2430 Bancroft Way Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, 6PM. Admission is free.

Slow hound-dog mug arrives
physiology fathering returns
daughters impersonating disguises within
christ kid playing in her zen-pen
jumps over angles thru
feeling the buzz
ringlets of tears
caved-in oracle
underground wall-street
effete miners smiling pianos of death
vacationing flapjack arpeggios train-spotted
basking spidery glowing infra-red japans
ensconced so deep they can’t potato-leek
wind-blown veils made nothing just breeze
startling heartbeats rumbling inside our funnies
albino smithy battleship tug-boats a mud-puddle
kirlian jousting wishing-bone douser’s tuning-fork
running iran from media hummingbirds evolving quantum spins
dancing upon bouncing balls grounded into nutmeg dust
surviving freckles tag-team alumnus
pushing up the reticular hind-brain
18 groups ubiquity ontology charmed inert
weighing mickey-mouse normals differing edgewise
recursive forever about-face waking to the bliss here
opening stillness quiet pachyderms lumber by hung with gemstones
illuminated via mills of fate riding this blinding parade
dark-tans enflamed waving cycles
hallucinating multitudes along fanned-out unto trends
ventriloquist ecology is in & not evil nothings out
when following leads
unknowing never quits
our aimless serendipity
paddling rogue-tide
gaggling diving-boards
to late to be eternal

– HD