Why are there so many zombie films?

Why do we love zombies so much? Zombies are a huge part of our culture and they show up in both horror and comedy films as well as computer games. There are even zombie experience packages, offered by companies such as wish.co.uk where participants can fight zombies in a simulated apocalypse scenario! That’s not all, you will also find zombie t-shirts, mugs, action figures, and much more. Also, many cities now have zombie walk events where dozens or even hundreds of people will dress up in blood and gore and stagger and lurch through the city.

Zombie films and video games have been popular over the years, from 1930 until now. There have been so many films, games and stories about zombies and they have been a prominent concept in popular culture for many decades. Zombies have been featured in horror films of course, but they have been a big part of creepy comedies and high action video games as well.

How come these staggering, decaying un-dead monsters fascinate us so much? Why are they such a major part of our culture and how come they appear in so many different permutations throughout our films and games? There must be something about zombies that touches on a deep cultural fear within the human psyche.

Why is the concept of zombies so terrifying and intriguing?

Perhaps zombies are so terrifying for us because they are somewhat realistic. We know that werewolves and vampires are not real, but there are infectious diseases such as rabies that have similar effects to a zombie infestation. If that doesn’t keep you up at night, I don’t know what will!

Perhaps the dead couldn’t rise again, but there are certain “neurotropic” viruses that could attack our brains and cause bizarre and aggressive behaviour in humans. For example, when Mad Cow disease gets into humans it is known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and the symptoms include hallucinations, changes in gait (stumbling around), muscle twitches, seizures and rapid delirium and dementia. (Doesn’t that sound a little zombie-like?) It’s a terrifying thought & wasting away to a terrible neurotropic virus would positively be one of the most horrible ways to go.

Why not watch one of the films featured below for some tips and inspiration on how to survive? Make sure that you plan out your zombie apocalypse survival scenario in specific detail and arrange with your friends who will do what, so that you will be able to fight off the invading hordes of un-dead and keep yourselves from getting infected.

zombie evolution

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