Empty Mirror’s Advertising Policy and Options

[last updated: October 2014]

Thanks for your interest in advertising with Empty Mirror! We have a multitude of advertising options available, with something sure to fit your goals, and your budget:

Empty Mirror Arts Magazine

Ad formats

  • Sitewide sidebar or footer ads. Banner sizes include 125×125 and 300×250. Other sizes may be available by request.
  • Homepage ad. Your ad featured on our site’s most visited page, for high visibility.
  • Text ads
  • . Not available at this time.

Want a display ad, but don’t have one made? That’s OK! We can make one for you, at no extra charge.

Ad running times

  • Ads are available on a monthly basis with discounts for terms of 3 months or longer.

Please note:

ALL links are nofollow. Purchase of an ad indicates your acceptance of this policy.

Tens of thousands of visitors come to Empty Mirror every month to learn about books, movies, music, arts, writing and publishing, and book collecting. Ads offering products or services relating to any of those topic areas are likely to be of interest to our readers. We offer great visibility, and a receptive audience for what you have to offer!

If necessary, links may be removed or altered at our discretion to maintain quality, without refund. This would be a very unusual circumstance, but we reserve the right.

Let’s get started!

Just email Denise for a rate sheet, to ask questions, or to get started.

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