How to get published in Empty Mirror


We publish reviews, essays, articles, art, poetry, short fiction, and interviews. Memoirs, biographical pieces, and photo essays are also welcome.

These are the topics which interest us the most:

  • literature / poetry
  • art / photography
  • the Beat Generation
  • rock, blues, folk, or jazz
  • films & filmmakers
  • counterculture / 1960s
  • writing and publishing advice
  • news about the arts / events
  • information about book collecting

While especially focused on non-fiction, we occasionally do publish poetry and short fiction.

What about reviews?

Many of the reviews on our site are written by people who submit them to us, just like our other content.

We also write reviews ourselves from time to time. If you’d like us to review your book (or other item) please read our review policy for further details.

Something else?

If you have an idea that doesn’t quite fit into the categories above, please email Denise. We’d love to hear about it!



Other things you should know:

We like to help our contributors.

We can’t currently offer monetary payment. However, your work will be read, and publicized, on a website that gets tens of thousands of visitors per month.

We’ll include your bio (with links to your website, publisher, book, Amazon page, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on every piece you contribute to Empty Mirror.

And, we’ll share your post on our social media accounts – multiple times. We currently have well over 15,000 followers on our several Twitter accounts, and also post to Facebook, Pinterest and G+.

All rights to published work stay with the author. You always own your copyright.

Other guidelines

Most work we publish is from 300 to 4000 words, but we’re pretty flexible; just send us what you’ve got.

We prefer previously-unpublished work but will occasionally make an exception. Please inform us of any previous publications.

We’ll usually give you an answer within a month – but sometimes a little less or more. Work is usually online within a month of acceptance.

Nuts & bolts

Please don’t format your submission with HTML tags. We’ll format it for Empty Mirror if it’s accepted.

We don’t indent paragraphs; paragraphs are instead indicated with spacing after each. If your work uses paragraph indents, they’ll be removed before publication. Work may also be copy edited for length, or other reasons.

We prefer that sources are cited using MLA style, but other styles are OK too as long as it’s consistent.

Ready to send us your work?

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