On Painting On

on painting on

“Why are the paintings going away?”Mommy explains: ”Your dad is having a very important one-man show at a big fancy gallery across from The San Francisco Opera House. We're going to get all dressed up and attend the opening.”I get to go and not wear my pajamas with feet.The grown-ups that belong to my friends will be there, the City Lights poets, the artists we … [Read more...]

Expatriation, Art, and Spirit

Tetuan Dreaming (detail) - Ricker Winsor

Standing on the edge of the highway I held a sign that said “London”. It was cold, early spring, and I was hitching from Newcastle. I was nineteen, and the year, nineteen sixty-four. At a pub that evening a Canadian guy told me, “You know, once it starts it never stops.” He was right and I knew it even then.Expatriation is an inevitability for certain people. People with … [Read more...]


Taxidermy 1 detail - Dana Stirling

Artist's statement: We regularly use taxidermy of insects in order to define, categorize and understand them. With all this great variety of insects people are still able to decide whether they're looking at a butterfly or dragonfly using common characteristics they know.Using Photoshop I've created new insects out of the ones I photographed. My new insects have nothing to … [Read more...]

Rik Lina Art Exhbition: Hurracan

Rik Lina - Hurracan - Exhibtion

RIK LINA Art Exhibition: HURRACANlocation KUNSTKERK Prinseneiland 89 - 1013 LM Amsterdamopening Friday, November 29, 5pm - 8pm. The exhibition will be opened by Peter van de Heijden. at 1800 hours. Musical entertainment by Dirk Polak.The exhibition can also be seen on November 30 and on December 1, 6, 7 and 8, from 3pm - 8pm, and by appointment.Rik Lina … [Read more...]

Seven Artworks by Gloria Avner

Collage by Gloria Avner

For years Gloria Avner has explored and taught ancient batik painting techniques using ink, wax, and watercolor on delicate Ginwashi ricepaper. Her collages enter a different realm, often focusing on tribal themes evolved from years of travel and study in Asia, Africa, and South America. Forty days ago she embarked on a new series: daily digital sketches, abstract, humorous and … [Read more...]

5 Abstract Paintings by Ricker Winsor

detail of painting by Ricker Winsor

Artist's Statement: This selection of paintings is interesting, I think, because it shows how my longtime interest in landscape painting moves into abstraction. I grew up in New York City and knew Bill DeKooning, Herman Cherry and many other New York School painters. Although I was very influenced by these abstract painters I was not able to move into abstraction honestly and … [Read more...]

The Art of Don Clausen: May 1 – June 30 in Berkeley CA

Don Clausen - Painting

Come enjoy these treasures from private collections: DON CLAUSEN'S seascapes of 1963 to abstracts of 2012, most never before shown publicly. Not all artwork shown is for sale. Yes, Clausen's still painting at the age of 82; still enjoying morning coffee with his Marine buddies.CLASSIC CLAUSEN & Contemporary ShawNshawN @ 4th Street Fine Art, 2000 4th Street, Berkeley, … [Read more...]

Australian Artist Paints the War in Afghanistan


Ben Quilty looks more like a lumberjack than a painter: stocky build, big beard, flannel shirt. But Quilty, from Paterson, New South Wales, is actually one of Australia’s most promising portrait artists.2011 marked two significant events in Ben Quilty’s young career. He won the 2011 Archibald Prize for his portrait of artist Margaret Olley, and was also selected to spend a … [Read more...]

Art and the Artist: An Interview with Michelle Dunaway

Michelle Dunaway

Listen and you’ll hear the music in Michelle’s paintings. Of course, they wear the responsibility quite lightly. Incisive and mild, caught and emancipated, real and dreamy, they reach within your grasp like an early morning dream. Listen.You may not have heard of Michelle Dunaway – yet. A professional artist from New Mexico, Michelle Dunaway has been featured in magazines … [Read more...]

‘Leporellos in Black and White’ by Rik Lina

Rik Lina Art

in ARTTRA gallery AMSTERDAM From 4 January to 12 February 2013 Opening on Friday, January 4 from 17:00 to 19:00Rik Lina - in his atelier in Amsterdam 2012   BLACK AND WHITE My drawings and black and white paintings have their origin in nature, they are not “after nature” but arise from being and working in nature. From childhood I have done that, and this was … [Read more...]

A Gallery of Woodcut Prints by Loren Kantor

Charles Bukowski (copyright Loren Kantor / http://woodcuttingfool.blogspot.com/)

Loren Kantor on the Carving Process I've always been an old-school guy. I prefer tattered books to e-readers, vinyl records to MP3's and classic black & white movies to modern 3-D dreck.I fell in love with woodcuts in the 80's when I attended a German Expressionist art show at the LA County Museum. The exhibit featured the work of Kathe Kollwitz, George Grosz & Karl … [Read more...]

Six Mixed Media Pieces by Donna Kuhn

Nothing Knocks U Down by Donna Kuhn

Artist's Statement I make art because that is the only way life makes sense to me. A recurrent theme in my work is the face: semi-abstract, colorful and emotional. I don't choose to draw these faces. Their forms just come to me. They jump off the page and stare at you. Dare to stare back. I have tried to choose between media. I cannot. I feel fully engaged and alive when I'm … [Read more...]

Fused Glass Art by Helen Rudy

Helen Rudy - fused glass

Based in Denver, Colorado, fused glass artist Helen Rudy creates vibrant decorative and functional art pieces. We asked her to tell us about fused glass, and her creative process.What exactly is fused glass, and how is it made?When exhibiting my fused glass art, I am often asked “Is it blown?” or “Are the colors painted on?”The answer to both questions is no. … [Read more...]