Sleeping by Big Sur

Big Sur (detail). Photo credit: superfamous / CC BY

I slept with a copy of Big Sur by my pillow a read of a man charting alcoholic declineI have drunk too much to remember my face I have drunk too much to remember the facts I have drunk too much and forgotten the race here-there-get up-go-get-it-donebut woke beside the book feeling good and like doing nothing at all all day until night fell again … [Read more...]

BIG SUR Film Preview in Selected Theatres – week of October 14, 2013!

Big Sur Movie Poster

Gathr Films has announced a series of one-day-only showings of Big Sur in indie theatres in selected cities across the USA the week of October 14, 2013. These screenings are in advance of the film's nationwide release on November 1, 2013.Here's your chance to see it before anyone else!Check out the schedule below & get the details...Gathr Films Serves Up National … [Read more...]

Kerouac’s “Old Angel Midnight” to be released as film!

Old Angel Midnight - Kerouac

[box style="info"]Happy April Fool's Day! Sorry for the prank. We couldn't resist.Can't imagine what an Old Angel Midnight would be like...probably unfilmable, right?But while you're here, you'd probably enjoy Gregory Stephenson's essay on Old Angel Midnight - or some of our other Beat articles and reviews.Or, check out Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard performing … [Read more...]

Jack Kerouac – “Big Sur” Movie Trailer

Big Sur film - Kerouac

The film, Big Sur, based upon Jack Kerouac's novel of the same name, released nationwide on November 1, 2013.Directed by Michael Polish, who also wrote the screenplay, it stars Jean-Marc Barr as Jack Kerouac. Other cast are: Stana Katic as Lenore; Henry Thomas as Phillip Whalen; Josh Lucas as Neal Cassady; Kate Bosworth as Billie; Radha Mitchell as Carolyn Cassady; Anthony … [Read more...]

Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

Kerouac - Big Sur

Big Sur is often ignored by critics and Kerouac fans alike. We all want the freedom of On the Road, the craziness of The Dharma Bums — the celebration of the Beat lifestyle. We want young Jack living his American Dream of the road. But Big Sur shows what happens to Kerouac as fame and age taint that dream. "I'm just plumb sick and tired...of the whole nerve-wracking … [Read more...]