How to Identify a First Edition Book

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General guidelines for identifying a first edition
Identifying 1st editions from specific

First Edition Book Values – How Much is a Book Worth?


What’s the Current Retail Value of Your Books?
determining value via online sources

How do you determine the ballpark current value of the one that’s on your desk right now?
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Are Books with Binding or Printing Errors Collectible?

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Have you ever brought a new book home, only to discover that the cover was on backwards, or there were printing errors (for instance, pages repeated, omitted, out of sequence, …{read more}

About Author Signatures, and Signed Books

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There are many kinds of signatures which can be found on books. Below we’ll discuss them, and how each affects the value of a book. You can click on any …{read more}

Is My Dr. Seuss Book a First Edition?

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Many people collect Dr. Seuss books, which have been hugely popular over the years and the center of lots of happy childhood memories. They’re avidly collected, but, unfortunately, have a …{read more}