How to Publish Your Poetry – Some Advice.

On Publishing Poetry

Though the focus of this article is on poets & poetry, many of the tips below are appropriate for writers of fiction and nonfiction as well. …{read more}

Where should I publish

David Handley’s interview with Author Alex Preston

Alex Preston Books

Alex Preston was born in Worthing, West Sussex in 1979. He is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, 2010′s This Bleeding City, and The Revelations which was released …{read more}

Love in the no-land space between two cultures: an interview with Zlatko Anguelov

Zlatko Anguelov

Jasmina Tacheva talks with Bulgarian-American author Zlatko Anguelov about his newest book, Erotic Memories (2012), and the ideas of love, devotion, harmony and memory on the border between two cultures. …{read more}

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New children’s book release!
Lulu Looks for Love by Katie Pfeiffer

Lulu Looks for Love - Katie Pfeiffer

Katie Pfeiffer’s new children’s book, Lulu Looks for Love, has just been published.

Lulu the cow is lonely. With a cat as a guide, she searches the world for …{read more}

A “Lost” Letter Found . . . and “lost” again.

Kerouac - The Sea is My Brother

In the U.K. edition of Jack Kerouac’s 1945 novel, The Sea Is My Brother (Penguin 2011), there is an addendum of material meant to represent Jack Kerouac’s formative writing experience …{read more}

Kerouac & An American Marriage

kerouac Gide

(an excerpt from a work-in-progress)

In January 1945, Jack Kerouac set out to write his Great American Novel. His newly-drafted notes embraced the activities of the last four …{read more}

New Poetry – Living on the Slopes of Volcano Mountain: Poem Collection of Ali Salehi

ali salehi - poems

Ali Salehi’s collection of poems, Living on the Slopes of Volcano Mountain, has just been published.

This book, the poet’s first in the English language, includes poems written since …{read more}

Are There Any Good Unpublished Kerouac Books Left?


With the glut of books that thankfully made our way in the past 20 years or so, we now have (probably) just as many posthumous titles as those Kerouac published …{read more}

‘The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America’ Book & Movie

The Suffering and Celebration of Life in America

Amy and Shane Bugbee went on the road for a low-budget, year-long exploration of the people and places of America. The result is their book, The Suffering and Celebration of …{read more}

New Poetry Collection: Visions of the Drowning Man by Dee Sunshine

Visions of the Drowning Man by Dee Rimbaud

Dee Sunshine’s third poetry collection, “Visions Of The Drowning Man”, has recently been published.

What other writers are saying about the book:

“His work reminds me of Blake’s proverb about …{read more}