The Neighborhood

Brooklyn Bridge / via Andrew Mangum colorized by EmptyMirror

How did I get to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York? A good question. Maybe a loss of direction? I think so. At least there were different expectations for my life. Did anybody care? Did I care? Like Holden Caufield, after a semester of college, I had gone out to find myself, first in Europe, on a motorcycle, hanging out with pot smoking beatniks. It all just made me more … [Read more...]

Affinity for Brooklyn

My generation, troubled mutating hysterical hipsters Poetic heavy hitters, recreating beat Burroughs beat Corso beat Ginsberg “I’ve read Howl and I understand what he was saying.” 21st century poets, thick worded bastards No pen and ink, only copy and paste function Regurgitating hot jazz and green imitation The only blues they know is Pabst. Cannibalized ideals split … [Read more...]