Remembering Ronnie Burk

Ronnie Burk

Ronnie Burk, poet and activist, Surrealist and Buddhist, would have been 60 today on April 1, 2015! Celebrate him with a remembrance post at ACT UP Archives filled with photos and collages. Feel free to leave a comment! … [Read more...]

The Great Consciousness of Life


Reaching in, pulling out. The great divide is conquered; and there lies an ever-evolving mission to extract meaning from chaos. This, then, is where it resides, the theater of the soul and the heart.In rewriting my biography of Jack Kerouac, I found that the only way to revisit that book once again was to take all of Jack Kerouac's epic letters to Neal Cassady, all of … [Read more...]

1958 Kerouac Letter for Auction!

Kerouac 1958 Letter

RR Auction has a typed, signed letter from Jack Kerouac for auction at RR Auction. The letter was written to Irving Rosenthal at the Chicago Review, and postmarked January 29, 1958.It reads, in part:“I do have something for your summer issue of Zen, five pages of prose about Buddhistic meditation in the woods, an excerpted chapter from my novel-in-progress entitled The … [Read more...]