David Amram: To Laura for Ted Joans

Ted Joans Lives!

David Amram: To Laura for Ted JoansDear Laura: - I just heard about Ted's passing and wanted to tell you how sorry I was, and hope you will know that you are not alone, and that many like myself (I knew Ted since 1956) will always miss him, as you and his children. - So will all the people around the world of all ages, whose lives he … [Read more...]

Howard Hart

Howard Hart and Raymond Foye, by T. Walden

SOME LINES FOR YOUWRITTEN UNDER A REDWOOD IN THE CITY PARKNOT YET THREE MONTHS SINCE YOU DIED IN MY ARMSIN OUR HOME ON CHESTNUT STREET, SAN FRANCISCO Drawn to the Temple where you worshipped I slink along the edges of the city like a catHawk family nesting in our Autumn Garden Turning overhead like something out of Yeats's Second ComingMarble Angel still holding … [Read more...]

An Interview with David Amram: By Your Works Ye Shall Be Known

David Amram, Ed Heflin & Joe Kerouac. © Ed Heflin, 2003

A friend of mine is so artistically fascinating and creative that labeling him "eclectic" or "multi-faceted" understates his cultural contributions. Full of life, he incessantly looks for beauty in all that surrounds him. The following is his story, plus an interview I conducted with him prior to his June 4, 2003 appearance in Chicago. We sat down to discuss his life and his … [Read more...]