Review – Alleycats and Beatsters: The Hip, the Gone, and the Way Gone

How Hip Was My Alley by Kenton Crowther

Alleycats and Beatsters, a collection of essays by British writer Kenton Crowther, explores what it means to be Beat, the nature of hipness, and the poets, writers and hipsters …{read more}

New children’s book release!
Lulu Looks for Love by Katie Pfeiffer

Lulu Looks for Love - Katie Pfeiffer

Katie Pfeiffer’s new children’s book, Lulu Looks for Love, has just been published.

Lulu the cow is lonely. With a cat as a guide, she searches the world for …{read more}

Review – Free Beer: Kicks & Truth with Jack Kerouac by Cliff Anderson


Free Beer: Kicks & Truth with Jack Kerouac, and other strong drinks is a collection of twelve stories by Cliff Anderson. Also included is Kerouac scholar Rod Anstee’s 1990 interview …{read more}

Review – The Beauty of being Hated by Jack Leaf Willetts


Many of the poems in Jack Willetts’ debut poetry collection, The Beauty of being Hated, explore the way we label and think about feelings. Here are the pain and …{read more}