How to Identify a First Edition Book

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This page has lots of information on it! Here are some quick links to the most important topics.General guidelines for identifying a first edition Identifying 1st editions from specific publishers Identifying book club editions On printings & impressions - and other questions Recommended books for collectors of first editions.How do you know if a book is a … [Read more...]

First Edition Book Values – How Much is a Book Worth?

What's the Current Retail Value of Your Books? determining value via online sourcesHow do you determine the ballpark current value of the one that's on your desk right now?It's actually pretty simple to research book values online. Here's how.First, familiarize yourself with your book, taking careful note of copyright date, printing history (edition/printing), … [Read more...]

Book Collecting: Illustrated glossary of terms, edition, & condition

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Ever how to interpret the condition, edition, and other terms included in the description of a book for sale? Here we'll unravel the mystery.Book Condition TermsVery fine is a flawless copy, perfect in every way and probably never read. These are few and far between. Sometimes abbreviated "VF."Fine is a copy with no real defects, but is not as pristine as a very … [Read more...]

Are Books with Binding or Printing Errors Collectible?

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Have you ever brought a new book home, only to discover that the cover was on backwards, or there were printing errors (for instance, pages repeated, omitted, out of sequence, or upside down)? If so, perhaps you've wondered how it affects the book's collectible value.Such errors are considered defects and will almost always have a negative impact on the book's … [Read more...]

Steve Sargent of Analecta Books on Limited Edition Books

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I recently had a conversation with Steve Sargent, proprietor of Analecta Books, where he specializes in selling signed first edition and limited edition books. Analecta also sells "bespoke" remarqued books, where he commissions the artist to embellish the book with a drawing - something very unusual in the bookselling world.Tell us a little about Analecta Books. … [Read more...]

How to Date Undated Books

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A reader asks, "I have some really old books, but there is no copyright date or publishing date. What is the best way to determine the age of the book?"This is a great question! Modern books have all sorts of information on the copyright page - the edition/printing, copyright date, and probably the date of publication, making dating quite simple. But 19th century (and … [Read more...]

How to Determine a Book’s Initial Press Run

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Recently I've received a couple of emails from visitors to this site, who wanted to know how to determine how large a given published book's initial print run (also known as the first printing, first impression, or press run) was. While there's no central database, and it takes a bit of digging to get it, this information is sometimes obtainable.Please note that the … [Read more...]

Is My Dr. Seuss Book a First Edition?

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Many people collect Dr. Seuss books, which have been hugely popular over the years and the center of lots of happy childhood memories. They're avidly collected, but, unfortunately, have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to identify as first editions.Here are some books and online resources which will help you find out if your Dr. Seuss books are first editions, … [Read more...]