Two new poems by Alessandra Bava

Photo credit: RJ917 / CC BY


(to Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

the voice slowly uncurls some pages of life, revealing Allen's

           "There is a HUGE                          		          HOLE in the sky" -

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Review – The Beats: A Very Short Introduction by David Sterritt

The Beats: A Short Introduction by David Sterritt

The Beats: A Very Short Introduction by David Sterritt / Oxford University Press / 978-0-19-979677-9 / 126 pages

David Sterritt’s work might be familiar to Beat or film aficionados through …{read more}

On Being Corso’s Lover

On Being Corso's Lover by Jacqueline Kirkpatrick

In the Cadillac of my imagination
unraveling in Corso’s kitchen
we eat verses of Homer for lunch.

He becomes my Odysseus.

My fingers are burnt and veins tapped.
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4 terrific Gregory Corso videos

from the video "Gregory Corso Walks & Talks in Rome, " Dario Bellini / YouTube

In honor of Gregory Corso’s birthday (he was born March 26, 1930), we’ve collected some videos of him. Check ‘em out.

1. & 2. Gregory Corso Walks and Talks in …{read more}

Beat Generation Photos by Rob Lee

Photos by Rob Lee

Lawrence FerlinghettiMarch 11, 1987

Taken in his office above City Lights Bookstore (shaped like an arrowhead bisecting Columbus Avenue and Jack Kerouac Alley), Ferlinghetti spends more time in his …{read more}

Gregory Corso

Gregory Corso - Mindfield

Gregory Corso passed away on January 19, 2001 at the age of 70, after a long illness. Corso was one of the major figures of the Beat Generation. He was …{read more}

Review – Who was Sinclair Beiles?

Who Was Sinclair Beiles?

Who was Sinclair Beiles? / Gary Cummiskey & Eva Kowalska, editors / Dye Hard Press / 2009 / 978-0-620-42792-0

Before I opened Dye Hard Press‘ new volume, its title, Who …{read more}