Three poems by P R Kargaard

Smooth / Photo credit: electronavalanche

False Bay, San Juan Island In the autumn morning, the high thirds of the trees I know have vanished. Obscured by a sleepy fog. It is a way of being in pearl which seeps like a surface covering everything I know. I imagine that in the night I fly among these trees, leaping from top […]

Teeth of the Sea

Chum Bucket, 2013 (detail) / photo by Maggie Shannon

Artist’s Statement: Maggie Shannon grew up in Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island best known as a summer beach colony. Teeth of the Sea explores Islanders’ ambivalent relationship with the sea and with outsiders by focusing on the enduring memory of two historical events: the 1969 tragic drowning of Mary Jo Kopeckne, which ended the presidential […]

Two New Poems by Lorne Daniel

Garry Oak / photo by D Stanley

Island Fall “to redefine is not always to lose” – Stephen Dunn I am buoyed by the slowness of change on this island, this autumn, the Garry Oak leaves crinkling, painted with heavy dew but holding fast well beyond this prairie boy’s expectations, still of value like well used paper money, glints of gold. Sure, […]