Where The Hell is Shafi Hadi?*

jazz sax

(*Saxophone player Shafi Hadi, born Curtis Porter, is best-known for his association with jazz legend Charles Mingus, and played on the seminal recording Mingus Ah Um, from 1959. He dropped out of the scene in the early ‘60s and the reasons why, and his current whereabouts, are unknown.)i.Those sounds, not falling on enough ears Then. Inaccessible, unknown, … [Read more...]

Three poems by Michael O’Shaughnessy


ANEMONE OF THE STATEthe sea (all those parts pooled into one) upheaves and twists long rocks like dirty shirts on the beach. i jump over the laundry, balancing on a collar before slipping into the wash.the seagulls fell back to earth like water rockets in sex death arcs, thick Cheshire grins possessing me before forgetting everything and returning to the salty meat in the … [Read more...]

Jazz and the Money Jungle


The same thing happens everywhere Money Jungle is perfect, of the skin, maybe the pulse On the night no one talks about A day before New Years, in Panama CityCrooked toe cranes light the canal Where the mountains mumble down to Lows talk to the stomping mallets vicious kiss of the strings in the wood, on the black, spit the music around the air How don't … [Read more...]

3 Poems by Ryan Ritchie

copyright fulingame / sxc.hu

FOR JACK nothing any wordsmith can do with a keyboard matches the beauty that leaps from the subconscious mind of the jazz musician. we sit and think, type, sit and think some more, never achieving improvisational nirvana. what jazzmen do fills the nighttime sky, brings us closer to god than any sunday service. for us, improv becomes … [Read more...]

20+ book gifts for cool kids – and adults, too!

Books for cool kids

Got a kid on your holiday shopping list? Want to introduce them to the Beats, modern design, the '60s, jazz, folk, or rock & roll? Learn about your favorite musicians & places? Or, just give 'em something fun? Check these way cool tomes for tots (and grown-ups, too).Most of these are picture books; a few are available for Kindle, too.Click on any title to learn more … [Read more...]

Poetry Collection: Visions of the Drowning Man by Dee Sunshine

Visions of the Drowning Man by Dee Rimbaud

Dee Sunshine's third poetry collection, "Visions Of The Drowning Man", has recently been published.What other writers are saying about the book:"His work reminds me of Blake's proverb about the road to excess leading to the palace of wisdom". D.M. Thomas"Dee Sunshine is the poetic equivalent of Hieronymous Bosch". Des Dillon"Replete with raging rhythms and rich … [Read more...]

A.D. Winans Remembers Bob Kaufman

Bob Kaufman, known in France as the American Rimbaud, was one of the original Beat poets to come out of the Fifties. He is rightfully regarded as one of the most influential black poets of his era, but his poetry transcends any race identification. In San Francisco's North Beach, home of the West Coast Beats, he was regarded as the original be-bop poet. As a jazz poet, he … [Read more...]