A Gallery of Woodcut Prints by Loren Kantor

Charles Bukowski (copyright Loren Kantor / http://woodcuttingfool.blogspot.com/)

Loren Kantor on the Carving Process I've always been an old-school guy. I prefer tattered books to e-readers, vinyl records to MP3's and classic black & white movies to modern 3-D dreck.I fell in love with woodcuts in the 80's when I attended a German Expressionist art show at the LA County Museum. The exhibit featured the work of Kathe Kollwitz, George Grosz & Karl … [Read more...]

Down by Law: The Loneliness of Jim Jarmusch

Down by Law - Jim Jarmusch

Not that it would make any difference. But if only for the sake of morale, you are willing to admit that it's a welcome shade of orange that breaks east at the horizon of what has been a roughandtumble one hell of fucked up night. A dull weariness works on your bones, your mind swirls in and out of a strange daze that threatens to rot you from within, and frankly, you'd rather … [Read more...]