Harold's, San Pedro; image copyright Marshall Astor, Food Fetishist, / CC BY CA

One of San Pedro’s most appealing qualities is that it’s not very popular. When I first decided to move here from Venice my neighbor, a realtor, suggested why.“It’s so working class, just a lot of longshoremen, nothing to do there, hardly any art galleries, cafes or good restaurants…and it’s landlocked, hard to get to and so far away from everything…you’ll become a … [Read more...]

Book release: Venice, CA: A City State of Mind by John O’Kane

Venice, CA: A City State of MInd

Venice, CA: A City State of Mind by John O'Kane / 978-1626464032 / 240 pagesA longtime Venice, California resident, John O'Kane edits AMASS Magazine there. A journalist, poet, and fiction writer, his new book, Venice, CA: A City State of Mind, has just been published. It is an exploration of Venice's history, culture, and its heyday as an alternative creative community - … [Read more...]

Illuminescence by John O’Kane

Illuminescence - Poem by John O'Kane

I think of how Allen Ginsberg could see society when gizmos glistened salvation, freeways traced our future, freeon cooled our passions, primeval blackooze birthed plastic, the prophylactic of progress, east yeasted west, and Moloch masheened the spirit.I try to visualize the monstrous measure of plastic chit, the frenzies of pleonastic chat compacted … [Read more...]