Ted Joans Lives! Tribute (4)

Ted Joans Lives!

Larry Keenan: Keith Scotcher: I was shocked to hear of Ted’s death, having met him in Paris in March, first outside the Shakespeare and Co bookshop and later at his regular cafe in Blvd St Germain, he seemed in good spirits and looked well. He was looking forward to getting some income from a book […]

In Memoriam: Bruce Conner, 1933-2008

Bruce Conner by Larry Keenan

THE ARTIST for Bruce Conner THE ARTIST has faces that are nude ladies and feathers. Women pose in the visage of the whirlpool raising bare arms and arching bare thighs. Tentacles of squid sway down among pinions of African eagles from the artist’s beret and they tangle white hair. In the blackness of his face, […]

About Photographer Larry Keenan

Larry Keenan

In 1965, California College of Arts and Crafts student Larry Keenan was asked by his teacher, poet and playwright Michael McClure, if he would like to photograph a group of his friends. Asking McClure whom his friends were Keenan was amazed when he listed names that included Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Bruce Conner, Neal Cassady […]