Where and How to Sell Your Poetry Books

Print books vs. e-books

So, you've self-published your book.Now what? Your book just arrived from the printer. Having them published was the easy part. Now your greatest challenge is upon you - you need to get your work out of those boxes and into the hands of appreciative readers.It's difficult enough for publishers to sell poetry books (poetry sells slowly & people are especially hesitant to … [Read more...]

How to Promote A Literary, Music or Art Website


So, you've got a new website. Now what? Your website is finally online. That was the easy part! Now for the real challenge - getting the word out about your site & attracting visitors. And, since most of your visitors will find you through the search engines, you'll need the search engines to visit your site regularly also. (That's how they'll figure out what your site's … [Read more...]