Book Release: Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski by Linda King (2nd Edition)

Linda King’s Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski

Wild Ocean Press, in collaboration with KissKill Press, is pleased to publish a second edition of Loving & Hating Charles Bukowski, completely edited and revised from an earlier version published in 2012. The press release: There are many books about Charles Bukowski, but none like this one. Linda King’s Loving & Hating Charles Bukowski looks […]

London 1966: I.T., the Camel, and a Song Named Me

International Times launch party flyer and debut issue / image credit:

The camel’s unexpected appearance saved me. The raggedy texture of his fur, his massiveness, and his breath were all undeniably real, no matter how bizarre the setting and cast of characters. Snaking black power cords connecting reporters to brilliant artificial light, long-armed microphones and BBC television cameras did not trip his feet as they did […]

Catskill Bill: A Portrait of a Fisherman

Catskill Bill with Grilse Salmon

The Catskill region is a lonely place. Maybe it wasn’t in its borscht belt heyday when young Jewish New Yorkers spent their summers in the big hotels with the hope of meeting a future husband or wife. And many did. The stories are legion. But when I first came to know the area intimately, in […]

When the Moon is in the Seventh House

Ricker Winsor chopping wood / image copyright Ricker Winsor

My beat up Renault pulled into the short dirt driveway of my small cape style house in Lyme, New Hampshire that March of 1970. The 60’s were over. Bob Dylan had left New York City too for the country upstate in Woodstock and I was doing the same here in New Hampshire. I thought that […]

Review – Love Him Madly: An Intimate Memoir of Jim Morrison, by Judy Huddleston

Review: Love Him Madly by Judy Huddleston

Love Him Madly: An Intimate Memoir of Jim Morrison, by Judy Huddleston / Chicago Review Press / June 1, 2013 / 978-1613747506 / 240 pages The story begins just like many young girls’ rock star fantasies do. Judy, a high-school senior, and soon-to-be art student, develops a fascination on a charismatic rock star. One night […]

The Wounded

Hansen278 / Photo credit: otisarchives2 / CC BY

After the end of the last really big war, WWII, where something like sixty million people died, America had a very nice stretch of about twenty years. We were on top of the world, didn’t need to rebuild bombed-out cities, needed only to go forward into comfort and prosperity. President Ike warned against the “military […]

Ma’s Face

Ma's Face / Ricker Winsor

I was in the first grade with the purple-faced Mrs. Reagan when my mother had the first operation on her face to remove a tumor. This wasn’t the one that took the facial nerve; that came later. Still, it was difficult for a little boy to see his mother’s fine, beautiful face all sunken in […]

Review – Horse Latitudes by Chris Wilson

Horse Latitudes by Chris Wilson

Horse Latitudes by Chris Wilson / Sorika / 978-0957557307 / 92 pages Horse Latitudes is a small gem of a book, bound in white covers illustrated with a painting. It is strikingly beautiful, with a very clean, minimalist design. But much of its author’s life has been anything but clean and filled with beauty. Instead, […]

Review – Son of Kerouac, Woodstock and God: A Memoir by James Crockett

Son of Kerouac, Woodstock and God

Son of Kerouac, Woodstock and God / James Crockett / 978-148125581 / 261 pages As a young man about to embark upon a summer-long hitchhiking trip through the western United States in the mid-1970s, James Crockett was given a second-hand copy of Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical novel, On the Road – and later, Kerouac books which […]

Pelham Bay Wilding 1957


“Have you ever been in combat, Ricker?” my spiritual advisor asked. Pelham Bay Wilding The Molotov cocktail burst against the wall shocking the quiet, suburban night with flames fifty feet high. The bricks of the old gothic school scattered the gas across its surface, scorching the big flat wall where, during the day, children played […]

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