Six Mixed Media Pieces by Donna Kuhn

Nothing Knocks U Down by Donna Kuhn

Artist's Statement I make art because that is the only way life makes sense to me. A recurrent theme in my work is the face: semi-abstract, colorful and emotional. I don't choose to draw these faces. Their forms just come to me. They jump off the page and stare at you. Dare to stare back. I have tried to choose between media. I cannot. I feel fully engaged and alive when I'm … [Read more...]

Meditations by Kurt Rostek

Emptiness, Mixed media on paper, 22x32, 2007

Kurt Rostek says: education I have for the most part been self educated, with the exception of doing a visual arts diploma from Centennial College, and two years in the Fine Arts program at York University.In a slightly different discipline I have an Architectural Technologist Certificate, from Ryerson Polytechnical University.avocation As far as being a serious … [Read more...]