Mixed Media Paintings by Tina Garvin

Bandoleros (detail) by Tina Garvin

Artist's statement: This collection of mixed media paintings is inspired by the tension between the nature that surrounds us and our own inherent natures.These paintings are a series of communications. The symbolism, color, and movement in each artwork conveys a truly unique exchange and one that cannot be replicated. … [Read more...]

Burning Factories: Art by Sander Steins

Burning Factory 1 - Sander Steins

It was the summer of 1980 when I was seven years old that I sat in the back seat of my father’s blue Opel Kadett coupé and saw the first smoking chimneys of the German Ruhrgebiet. Those were the declining years of one of Europe’s biggest and heaviest industrial areas and I will never forget the impression it left imprinted on my retina. As a child I rebuilt entire cities … [Read more...]

Six Mixed Media Pieces by Donna Kuhn

Nothing Knocks U Down by Donna Kuhn

Artist's Statement I make art because that is the only way life makes sense to me. A recurrent theme in my work is the face: semi-abstract, colorful and emotional. I don't choose to draw these faces. Their forms just come to me. They jump off the page and stare at you. Dare to stare back. I have tried to choose between media. I cannot. I feel fully engaged and alive when I'm … [Read more...]

Meditations by Kurt Rostek

Emptiness, Mixed media on paper, 22x32, 2007

Kurt Rostek says: education I have for the most part been self educated, with the exception of doing a visual arts diploma from Centennial College, and two years in the Fine Arts program at York University.In a slightly different discipline I have an Architectural Technologist Certificate, from Ryerson Polytechnical University.avocation As far as being a serious … [Read more...]