Diorama: Photographs by Ido Abramsohn

Ido Abramsohn - Welcome to Lebanon 2 (detail)

Artist’s Statement

Models of Israeli soldiers and Palestinian insurgents and civilians were photographed and enlarged to human size. The new scale of the models casts the original meaning of the …{read more}

Book Review: Hijos de la Selva: Sons of the Forest

Hijos de la Selva: Sons of the Forest

In the early part of the 20th century photographer Edward Curtis was funded by American businessman J. P. Morgan to undertake the extensive task of making a photographic record of …{read more}

Teeth of the Sea

Chum Bucket, 2013 (detail) / photo by Maggie Shannon

Artist’s Statement: Maggie Shannon grew up in Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island best known as a summer beach colony. Teeth of the Sea explores Islanders’ ambivalent relationship with the sea …{read more}

Rock Art – Photographs by Fabio Sassi

Rock Art (detail) by Fabio Sassi

…{read more}

A Form of View: Photography by Yoav Friedländer

copyright Yoav Friedlander http://www.yoavfriedlander.com

Artist’s Statement

The obvious similarity between photographs (as they are the result of recording the visible light) and reality had been confusing me since I was a child. Photographs promised …{read more}

Grand Marais by t. kilgore splake

Grand Marais by Jonathunder, via Wikipedia

Grand Marais by t. kilgore splake / paperback, with DVD / 978-1-4675-8222-3

t. kilgore splake’s latest volume is a poetic and photographic celebration of Grand Marais, Minnesota, a small city …{read more}

Insomniacs: New Photography by Fabio Sassi

Insomniac 3 - Fine art photography by Fabio Sassi

…{read more}

Charged Vision: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg

Jack Kerouac by Allen Ginsberg

The photographs of Allen Ginsberg recently were on display at the Jewish Contemporary Museum in San Francisco. Walking through the museum is like going on a jaunt through Beat History. …{read more}

Ginsberg at the Grey

Photo credit: Joybot / CC BY-SA

How belly they aged, your friends,
how hard the young years,
every look, an eye for an eye,
rapscallions when this country had corners
rounded to secret, sweet places unfound …{read more}

Lost Archive

Fabio Sassi - Lost Archive

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