City of words by rob mclennan

sky delta - Denise Enck

City of words All the galaxies we see have a number. Sarah Lang, For TamaraSinglet. Does not wish to. Hardened. Alone is not the page. Breathe rapidly, and nuclear. Articulate. Torrential surf. It matters, how. A yawning memory. When very young, I spoke. Confuse fresh puddles with the motion, air. A single robin. Suddenly. But the clouds. In the desert, I can see such … [Read more...]

Four poems

poems by Sam Silva - image by Denise Enck

COMPUTER CLASSICAL RADIOAlluvial!...floatation of notes in a river of sound where fingers somewhere dance on a keyboardNature! Nature! in a watery sight the brain the heart ...such fluids abound as would take me there also on this dark quiet night like computer screens and their dancing light!SHIVERS WITHIN A HOT SEASONun bathed a month and swimming in June … [Read more...]

Five Poems from the Forest in Hidalgo

lichen - Denise Enck

DRUNK DREAMIt has been 5 years since I quit the drugs that were skinning my heart They, I, still make me dream about them That I was stone tongued and the Cause of laughter and awoke Shadowed in shame, blood open and cryingThat I had left my guitar behind In a cafeteria light lit bar In the city I am from, across from the old fire stationThis is my mind Its … [Read more...]

Poems by Sam Silva

Whatcom Falls Park, March 23 2015

A STRANGER'S EDUCATION IN THE ARTSA brain with its echoes finds constancy in classical romantic serenade and a mirror in the later centuries' leap into expressionism dancing close to jazz.My pen burned its dull flame in visions of the cinema ...cartoons and characters were the backdrop for my crusty verbal images of nature and the cityand with such an … [Read more...]

Four Poems

Poems by A.K. LaMotte

PULVERIZEDI pulverized your jaw with a knuckle sandwich but you fought back blossoming your hyacinth.Then I shattered a quart of Colt 45 on the ivory lingam of your skull but you exfoliated flecksof lapis lazula therefor I tied off your red ribbon and swung you around my head a plastic garbagebag of last night's pork chop bones then granulated your skeleton … [Read more...]

4 Spring Poems

Scudder Pond in Early Spring - Denise Enck

ACHE AWAKENINGIn a moment where the yard explodes in air about infested with sky blue expanse in twigs straining to bud near left over winter mud and cars rip by in dense exhaust ...mirrored exhalation of our chants.April's murder on the way ...there is a cost for such sudden exuberance of days which grow quite warm.I am an elf on this Spring day! I am a … [Read more...]

The Poetry of Walking

Mystery Forest - Denise Enck

“Poetry is a life-cherishing force. For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the hungry.” ― Mary Oliver Would you like to journey down a path that will help conjure creative insight? A common premise in Taoism is, in the literal sense, that Tao means Path, a road that … [Read more...]

Moon Songs: two poems by Matthew Woodman

Zen Moon

Salving the TidewrackHow to carve a driftwood lover: Begin by conjuring contours and proportions.Find a blank that speaks promise and between from among the other tangled flotsam populating the low tide line. Prepare guide points: cheekbones, eyes, nose, mouth, and hairlines.Do not cry yet. Ensure your blade is sharp enough to get to the heart of … [Read more...]

A dozen collages by hiromi suzuki

ailes de la chanson #2 (detail) - hiromi suzuki

Artist's statement: I think the collages are poetry without words.Sometimes I contribute my collages with my poems to poetry magazines, or publish on my site.My collages are made by ephemera, washi, watercolour, charcoal and screenprint on paper.ailes de la chanson #1, ailes de la … [Read more...]

Five poems by Sam Silva

Minimum Pink - Denise Enck

MUSICAL STILL LIFE WITH COMPUTERGuitar serenade ...the plucked harp of my soul lingers as well in the cave I made of my heart with its holeechoing through computer wires with their flickering lights like electric fires.WHAT SAY YOU COUNTRY BOY?Bland things now! Bland and dull and easy! The painless ardor of a mind entombed by cigarettes and old … [Read more...]

Where The Hell is Shafi Hadi?*

jazz sax

(*Saxophone player Shafi Hadi, born Curtis Porter, is best-known for his association with jazz legend Charles Mingus, and played on the seminal recording Mingus Ah Um, from 1959. He dropped out of the scene in the early ‘60s and the reasons why, and his current whereabouts, are unknown.)i.Those sounds, not falling on enough ears Then. Inaccessible, unknown, … [Read more...]

Poems by Doc Burkard


Out in Stoughton,a few ghosts illuminated by chorus of flickering jack-o-lanterns that edge the windows. I'm on stage, trying to move my fingers over the strings just a little longer. Fighting the pain in a hilltop bar, where our ancestors speak by the bend of the trees or the fumes blown from Toyotas idling in the gravel park. Wood floor covered by pull … [Read more...]

A Consideration of Borges’ Poetics

Jorge Luis Borges - This Craft of Verse

I read Jorge Luis Borges' This Craft of Verse in one sitting. It is a collection of six essays originally given as lectures at Harvard University in 1967-1968. The tone is easy and conversational. Borges speaks about the reader's interaction with a poem, metaphor, the epic, translation and translatability, the relation between language and thought, and his own “poetic creed” as … [Read more...]

Three poems from Burma

Burma. Photo credit:

WASO LAPYAEThis morningWaso Lapyae Brings blue skiesAnd a giant crow Perched upon the sill Of my squat toilet windowThis afternoonThe heavy rain Gives me a headache AgainNeither jasmine tea Nor red wine helpThis eveningI am drunk once moreLike a lunatic, I pace the parket floor Reciting poems by Li BaiYes TonightWe'll sit in silence The full moon … [Read more...]

Poems by Ana Maria Caballero

poems by Ana Maria Caballero

The Stories of BedtimeI am the only mother And you are the only sonYour father He too is the only father The only manHis father and my father Are past fathers Stories to tell you Of men Who once walkedMy mother and his mother A photograph and a portrait We look to Upon the wallYou will have a sister And she will be the only daughterI a … [Read more...]

Forgiving Time

Wall, Mexico

He calls me kid I’m almost 34 now And have forgiven myself for getting olderI walked past and hopped down to the crooked street Where the short man with baby dark skin sells balloons And blue telephones hang lonely And lost my balanceMy ankles timid My mind many places Not here There are so many tasks that require tending to, if not completingHe calls me … [Read more...]

Poems by Michael Bernicchi

select meats

sideshow heartall the prettyprizes wait in light all secondhand and shunnedbut stitched / stuck on tongues just the same we dance alike and you a little girl again with balloonsticks andI try to win your heart with a sledge and I step right upplacing you down so I can let you go up uP UPthough you don’t look … [Read more...]

Two poems by Michael Julian

poems by Michael Julian

Darjeeling Through My WindowMaybe you're eating lunch now, a plate of jasmine rice and naan. I can taste the chai you slowly sip and feel the mountain breeze on my arms. How deep in the Himalaya's shadows do you bathe with your bucket of cold water? Can you see Nepal from your window? Can you see me lying here in the dark, half a world away, half a … [Read more...]

Three poems by Michael O’Shaughnessy


ANEMONE OF THE STATEthe sea (all those parts pooled into one) upheaves and twists long rocks like dirty shirts on the beach. i jump over the laundry, balancing on a collar before slipping into the wash.the seagulls fell back to earth like water rockets in sex death arcs, thick Cheshire grins possessing me before forgetting everything and returning to the salty meat in the … [Read more...]

Poems by Conley Lowrance

poems by Conley Lowrance

ARCHITECTURE The stairwell is empty. Her steps ricochet off the cement. Around her, the air is filled with impossible odors: foxglove, traces of some unnamable chemical.“This door leads to another door, leads to a disinfected room.” But this can’t be right. She has arrived at a balcony—where the wind carries hooded birds safely through the city’s fog.Leaning against … [Read more...]

Poetry by Sam Silva

Street Flowers by Alexis Doyen

A SONG WHICH THE ARTIST INSPIRES Angel of my thoughts and dreams! Painter of my dusty soul in earthen portrait. Fire around the darkened coal lit alive by such desire.Love like this comes only once! No one else could take me there except for Jesus and his mother come with images that likewise strike me dumb among the words I write...not even Helen with her … [Read more...]

Rain Poem


RAIN POEMthe rain beats a rhythm against the windshield the wipers flail helplessly like a fish out of waterdemons to the left of medemons to the right of medemons in front of medemons in back of memy brain a barbecue pit feeds on the rolling thunder spits out bits and pieces of poemswords of emptiness words of despair shadow creatures … [Read more...]

Poems by Sarah Ghoshal

poems by Sarah Ghoshal

Bus to Big Band Barn For DrummersBoom, he says. Boom and snap and twiddle and pop and digida, digida, find a pillow, find a pot top, find a table top and a couple of spoons, spatulas, sticks, feet, palms, wicker broom looking apparatus with soft sound. Boom.A smack and a dab and a smooch through the spotted windows and you eat the stuffing pouring out of the seats … [Read more...]

3 poems by George Moore

Beach by Alex Talmon

The Order of ThingsIn the days before temptations, when the boys urged on by theirEverclear slip-drive madness, consumed everything in their path,I escaped to here, poet nested amid disorders, a post-holocaustHamlet, his final failure to remain detached from that which he hates.For me it was love. Liberal sprinkling vs. deep ecology. Somewherein-between, where … [Read more...]

Fairy Poems by Laura Madeline Wiseman

Fairy Poems

Domesticity with FairiesYou keep pulling me to you and wrapping your arms around my waist. I’m standing in the kitchen with coffee as the morning wind shakes the red-gold from the trees and you’re squeezing me like I’m a stuffy, a baby blanky, a puppy before the first day of school. Have a good day at work, I say around your damp hair. After  dinner, when … [Read more...]

“Said God, Scratching His Naked Belly in a Kitchen”: Charles Bukowski to Robert Bly

Bukowski letter to Robert Bly. Joshua Preston

Unlike any other time in U.S. history, the 1950s and ‘60s saw the emergence of multiple literary movements stoked by a flourishing small-press culture. Popular magazines of the time included the New York-based Fuck You founded by Ed Sanders and Floating Bear founded by Diane di Prima and Leroi Jones. This “Mimeo Revolution” (though not every publication used a mimeograph) … [Read more...]