How to Publish Your Poetry – Some Advice.

On Publishing Poetry

Though the focus of this article is on poets & poetry, many of the tips below are appropriate for writers of fiction and nonfiction as well. Where should I publish my poems? Finding the right places to submit your can be tricky. Here’s where to look. Poet’s Market My best suggestion for locating publishers is […]


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Like a crow caws into the night, like an owl with its questioning eyes, like a Shaman lights the night with magic words, like a hawk circles the sky, like a farmer plants seeds, like a magician skilled in illusion, you hurled the boulders of darkness into the face of death played the game out […]

In honor of ruth weiss on her 85th birthday

Ruth Weiss / copyright Horst Spandler

The following is from: “ruth weiss and the American Beat movement of the ‘50s and 60’s” by Horst Spandler, published in: ruth weiss, no dancing aloud – lautes tanzen nicht erlaubt. edition exil, Vienna, 2006. – also used as an introduction to ruth weiss’ book can’t stop the beat – THE LIFE AND WORDS OF […]

Four Poems by Sam Silva

4 Poems by Sam Silva

THINGS HAPPEN Thank God these days I sleep and dream! Things happen …it is inevitable!, this angry wrangling of the nerves in a place that feels like Hell or a paranoid respite full of anxious passion which can die down to a calm. And there are a few good memories too …just a sponge balm […]

L.G. Hertz site includes poems about the arts & music

The poet L.G. Hertz’s website has been recently updated with poems excerpted from his upcoming collection, “Renting the Moon for a Party” as well as a spotlight on poems about music. Hertz’s formal, traditional rhyming poems focus on science, the arts (sculpture, music, opera, painting, dance) and other subjects.

Poetry Review: Waterloo, by J.T. Welsch

Digital collage by D.Enck

Waterloo by J.T. Welsch / Like This Press / Saddle-Stitch, 36 pages The twenty-four numbered but untitled poems, and almost as many monochrome images, of J.T. Welsch’s Waterloo begin with a wake. The first poem quickly makes clear that though a death may have served as the impetus for this series, the poems will not […]

In Remembrance of Poet, Novelist & Editor, James D Quinton

James D Quinton Books

Amy Quinton writes to us, “It is with deepest sorrow and regret that I have to tell you that my husband, James D Quinton, took his own life on 6 September 2012.” James was a British poet & fiction writer, as well as the editor of Open Wide Magazine. His works appeared in many poetry […]

New Poetry Collection: Visions of the Drowning Man by Dee Sunshine

Visions of the Drowning Man by Dee Rimbaud

Dee Sunshine’s third poetry collection, “Visions Of The Drowning Man”, has recently been published. What other writers are saying about the book: “His work reminds me of Blake’s proverb about the road to excess leading to the palace of wisdom”. D.M. Thomas “Dee Sunshine is the poetic equivalent of Hieronymous Bosch”. Des Dillon “Replete with […]

On writing poetry – how to write terrific poems

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Here are some tips on learning about poetry, finding your unique voice, and writing terrific poems. Preparation & Inspiration for Writing Poetry Read as much contemporary poetry as you can. Those who read little poetry rarely succeed as poets. (Just as those who don’t experience a wide variety of foods rarely succeed as chefs, and […]

A.D. Winans on A.D. Winans


I was born in San Francisco, and have lived here almost my entire life. I was born at home, premature. My mother said the doctor told her I would not live a long life. Now I’m 71 and the doctor is long dead. My father was seventeen years older than my mother, and they fought […]