Review – Let’s Start a Pussy Riot

Let's Start A Pussy Riot

Let’s Start a Pussy Riot, edited by Emely Neu and Jade French / Rough Trade / June 2013 / 978-0957626201

On February 21, 2012 members of the Russian feminist …{read more}

One Man, One Vote

One Man, One Vote / Photo Mortimer62 / CC BY-SA

It was Election Day and the lines were as long as anyone could remember. Even longer. To be sure this was the age of advanced technology so in many places …{read more}

Looking Back


When I was 18
I was on a troop train heading
for basic training when
we stopped to take on water
or whatever it is trains stop for
and after …{read more}



“The Pentagon has acknowledged that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld did not sign condolence letters to the families of soldiers killed in Iraq but instead used a signature machine.”
The Washington …{read more}