How to Publish Your Poetry – Some Advice.

On Publishing Poetry

Though the focus of this article is on poets & poetry, many of the tips below are appropriate for writers of fiction and nonfiction as well. …{read more}

Where should I publish

The one thing an author should never, ever do.


I’m a reviewer. I hang out on message boards frequented by other reviewers. One popular topic on these message boards is that of authors who comment on reviews of their …{read more}

Poetry Careers – Can You Make Money With Poetry?

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Poets new to publishing sometimes ask how to get paid for publishing their poetry, and how to make a living as a poet.

The answer, in a nutshell, is: you …{read more}

Self-publishing Your Poetry Book or Broadside


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How can I arrange to have my book printed / published?

There are various ways to go about it. You can put together a small book by …{read more}

Authors Copyright and Permissions


We receive a fair amount of email from folks looking for contact information for particular writers. On occasion those searching for copyright permissions inquire as well. Below you’ll find advice …{read more}

The Lowdown on Copyright for Poets and Writers

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What you need to know about copyrights:

Here at Empty Mirror we often get email from folks who would like to know more about how copyright works. Here’s a brief …{read more}