Ringo Starr – Come on Christmas, Christmas Come On!

Ringo Starr Christmas Album

Ringo gets the holidays rockin’ with “Come on Christmas,” a song from his very fun Christmas album, I Wanna Be Santa Claus which includes both original and traditional songs.

20+ book gifts for hip kids – and adults, too!

Books for cool kids

Got a kid on your holiday shopping list? Wanna introduce them to the Beats, modern design, the ’60s, jazz, folk, or rock & roll? Or, just give ‘em something fun? Check these way cool tomes for tots (and grown-ups, too). Most of these are picture books; a few are available for Kindle, too. Click on […]

Review – Love Me Do: Behind the Scenes at the Recording of the Beatles’ First Single

Love Me Do Behind the Scenes at the Recording of the Beatles' First Recording

Bill Harry’s chronicle of the Beatles road to their first single release may not get any awards for journalistic style, but it is still a fascinating rundown of the lucky breaks, perseverence, and machinations it can take to get even a talented band signed. Harry’s e-book is great for the little insider details of how […]

Review – Ringo 2012

Ringo 2012 review

Ringo Starr has been on a roll the past several years with the well-reviewed 2010 release “Y Not,” a successful tour, and now a lively new album called “RINGO 2012″. This marks Ringo’s 17th solo outing as well as his first self-produced effort, and is an infectious pop-rock project with a good feel and damnably […]