Rik Lina – INTO THE DEEP at Arttra Gallery, Amsterdam

Rik Lina - FISH FIËSTA 1998 (detail), tempera and oilpaint on linen, 110x100cm

Rik Lina‘s exhibition, INTO THE DEEP, is showing at Arttra Galerie in Amsterdam March 7 – April 14, 2014. Closed weekends. The opening takes place Friday, March 7, 17.00 to 19.00 ARTTRA Tweeded Boomdwarsstraat 4 1015 LK Amsterdam tel: +31 (0) 20 6259303

Review – Erik Verhaar’s Andalusian Dogging

Andalusian Dogging by Erik Verhaar

Andalusian Dogging by Erik Verhaar, translated by Jonathan Ellis / The Reception Game / 2013 / 17 pages In Erik Verhaar’s short story, inspired by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali’s 1929 film An Andalusian Dog (Un Chien Andalou), the film itself becomes a character. An Andalusian Dog bumps into this story’s narrator on the street: […]

Rik Lina Painting a Leporello

Rik Lina - Leporello

Watch Rik Lina paint a leporello (folding book) in this new video: Here’s the result:

7 Paintings by Rik Lina

Rik Lina - Dragon Mountain

Rik Lina  

‘Leporellos in Black and White’ by Rik Lina

Rik Lina Art

in ARTTRA gallery AMSTERDAM From 4 January to 12 February 2013 Opening on Friday, January 4 from 17:00 to 19:00 Rik Lina – in his atelier in Amsterdam 2012   BLACK AND WHITE My drawings and black and white paintings have their origin in nature, they are not “after nature” but arise from being and […]

Rik Lina: 5 Paintings

WILDFIRE 2003, acrylics - canvas, 105x150cm by Rik Lina

Mario Cesariny

Mario Cesariny, by Carlos Botelho

Portuguese Surrealist poet, painter, and playwright Mario Cesariny passed away on November 19, 2006 in Lisbon, at the age of 83. He met Andre Breton in Paris in 1947, was greatly influenced by the French Surrealists, and was part of the Surrealist Group, and later Dissident Surrealist Group, in Portugal. Thanks to Rik Lina for […]

David Amram: To Laura for Ted Joans

Ted Joans Lives!

David Amram: To Laura for Ted Joans Dear Laura:  – I just heard about Ted’s passing and wanted to tell you how sorry I was, and hope you will know that you are not alone, and that many like myself (I knew Ted since 1956) will always miss him, as you and his children.  – So will […]

The Teducated Mouth:
John Barbato interviews Ted Joans

Ted Joans Lives!

Ted Joans, one of the original Beat poets, was born in Cairo, Illinois on 4 July 1928. By his twenties, living in New York City , he moved in the surrealist world of painters, jazz players and poets. If a scene was happening Joans had it covered. A partial list of his friends reads like […]

Pete Winslow, Beat/Surrealist Poet

Pete Winslow - Monster Cookies

Best known for his poetry, Pete Winslow was also a newspaper columnist, essayist & novelist. A surrealist poet, Pete was also sometimes associated with the Beat Generation. Born October 19, 1934 in the state of Washington, Winslow passed away in September 1972 of complications following surgery, leaving a wife and 5-year-old son behind. Following his […]