Review – The Beats: A Very Short Introduction by David Sterritt

The Beats: A Short Introduction by David Sterritt

The Beats: A Very Short Introduction by David Sterritt / Oxford University Press / 978-0-19-979677-9 / 126 pages David Sterritt’s work might be familiar to Beat or film aficionados through his previous books, which include Mad to be Saved: The Beats, the ’50s, and Film, and Screening the Beats: Media Culture and the Beat Sensibility […]

The Beat Generation vs. “Beatniks”

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“Beatnik” is sometimes – incorrectly – used to describe to the Beat Generation writers and artists. We’re going to straighten out the confusion for you! Here’s an explanation of who the Beats were, and what the term “beatnik” is all about. What is the “Beat Generation”? “Beat Generation” refers to a group of writers who […]

Denise Raphael’s Top Ten Beat Books List

scratching the beat surface

(in no particular order) Scratching the Beat Surface: Essays on New Vision from Blake to Kerouac by Michael McClure Desolation Angels by Jack Kerouac Points in Time by Paul Bowles Gasoline by Gregory Corso Pieces of a Song: Selected Poems by Diane di Prima Our Thang: Selected Poems, Selected Drawings by Ted Joans & Laura […]

Mario Cesariny

Mario Cesariny, by Carlos Botelho

Portuguese Surrealist poet, painter, and playwright Mario Cesariny passed away on November 19, 2006 in Lisbon, at the age of 83. He met Andre Breton in Paris in 1947, was greatly influenced by the French Surrealists, and was part of the Surrealist Group, and later Dissident Surrealist Group, in Portugal. Thanks to Rik Lina for […]

A. D. Winans: 11 Photographs

House Cat, Abandoned Planet Bookstore, San Francisco, 2000 by A.D. Winans

David Amram: To Laura for Ted Joans

Ted Joans Lives!

David Amram: To Laura for Ted Joans Dear Laura:  – I just heard about Ted’s passing and wanted to tell you how sorry I was, and hope you will know that you are not alone, and that many like myself (I knew Ted since 1956) will always miss him, as you and his children.  – So will […]

Robert Creeley: Ted Joans, Primary Poet

Ted Joans Lives!

Sad news indeed that old friend and ally Ted Joans has died in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he’d been living for the past few years. Apparently his health, affected by diabetes, had not been good, and though there is as yet no clear report, that seems at the root of what’s happened. What to say […]

The Teducated Mouth:
John Barbato interviews Ted Joans

Ted Joans Lives!

Ted Joans, one of the original Beat poets, was born in Cairo, Illinois on 4 July 1928. By his twenties, living in New York City , he moved in the surrealist world of painters, jazz players and poets. If a scene was happening Joans had it covered. A partial list of his friends reads like […]

On writing poetry – how to write terrific poems

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Here are some tips on learning about poetry, finding your unique voice, and writing terrific poems. Preparation & Inspiration for Writing Poetry Read as much contemporary poetry as you can. Those who read little poetry rarely succeed as poets. (Just as those who don’t experience a wide variety of foods rarely succeed as chefs, and […]

Pete Winslow, Beat/Surrealist Poet

Pete Winslow - Monster Cookies

Best known for his poetry, Pete Winslow was also a newspaper columnist, essayist & novelist. A surrealist poet, Pete was also sometimes associated with the Beat Generation. Born October 19, 1934 in the state of Washington, Winslow passed away in September 1972 of complications following surgery, leaving a wife and 5-year-old son behind. Following his […]