Review: The Doors Examined by Jim Cherry

The Doors Examined

The Doors Examined by Jim Cherry / Bennion Kearny Limited / paperback / 978-1909125124 / 240 pages Journalist and author Jim Cherry has a long history with rock ‘n’ roll journalism, and currently writes the column, “The Doors Examiner.” The Doors Examined includes some of those columns, along with material seen here for the first […]

The Doors Examined – Tinley Park IL – Library Presentation 3.12.14

The Doors Examined

Empty Mirror contributor Jim Cherry – and Doors expert extraordinaire – writes, I’m making an upcoming library presentation and I hope you all can make it, and/or if you know anybody that lives in the area I hope you can forward this on! The Doors Examined is a compilation of articles from the first four […]

Jim Morrison and Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac and Jim Morrison

“If he (Jack Kerouac) hadn’t written On The Road, The Doors never would have existed.” — Ray Manzarek Manzarek might have added that if Jack Kerouac hadn’t written On The Road, none of the late 60’s might have happened the way they did, with kids hitting the road in search of themselves and the transcendental […]

Lost Angeles: Writers on the Storm

The Last Stage - novel by Jim Cherry

We pulled up in front of a u-shaped apartment building that opened into a courtyard, the address the writer gave me. Jimmy and I walked up to the apartment. It looked like I was expected, the inside door was opened and I could hear the TV show The Price is Right coming from inside. I […]

Review – Love Him Madly: An Intimate Memoir of Jim Morrison, by Judy Huddleston

Review: Love Him Madly by Judy Huddleston

Love Him Madly: An Intimate Memoir of Jim Morrison, by Judy Huddleston / Chicago Review Press / June 1, 2013 / 978-1613747506 / 240 pages The story begins just like many young girls’ rock star fantasies do. Judy, a high-school senior, and soon-to-be art student, develops a fascination on a charismatic rock star. One night […]

Illuminescence by John O’Kane

Illuminescence - Poem by John O'Kane

I think of how Allen Ginsberg could see society when gizmos glistened salvation, freeways traced our future, freeon cooled our passions, primeval blackooze birthed plastic, the prophylactic of progress, east yeasted west, and Moloch masheened the spirit. I try to visualize the monstrous measure of plastic chit, the frenzies of pleonastic chat compacted into our […]

Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek

I turned my laptop on just after dawn this morning, as I usually do, and sat down with a cup of strong black coffee to see what was happening in the world. Two stories caught me like punches to the stomach and I woke up without any need for caffeine: a tornado killing scores of […]