The Necessity of Tragedy—How What Goethe Played with is Still Entirely Relevant

One may say that the benefit of tragedy is that one gets to witness man self-destruct without having to self-destruct on one’s own. Lessons learned without having to go through the actual act of the crime. Tragedies were incredibly prevalent during the time of the Greeks, and some tragic stories, like that of Faust have pervaded through centuries. Goethe’s Faust, in particular, … [Read more...]

Students: A Play by Peter Rose

The living room of a student house in London. Emma sits holding a mug of tea. Robbie stands looking out of the window holding a bottle of beer. She is twenty. He is sixty.ROBBIE:You think you know something about men?(Pause)Would you say you knew much about the opposite sex? EMMA:I think I do.ROBBIE:Well, you don’t.EMMA:I know one thing/ROBBIE:No … [Read more...]