Bread and Circus

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South of the imaginary lines where the uniformed and ironed men and and women that look like boys and girls, skin on the face still soft, wear their gloves and glasses bad men are winning the imaginary wars they’ve begun so they could win themJhosivani put his feet to the ground he slept on at morning dark toes and light palms the merry go round Earth 4 kilometers down the … [Read more...]

Todd Clouser launches Music Mission. Here’s how you can help.

Todd Clouser Patreon project

Musician Todd Clouser has launched a new project, Music Mission. He writes,I have been working with communities in need throughout the Americas - a youth orchestra in Oaxaca, a small indigenous Shipibo town in Peru, EL Faro in inner City Mexico, a community center offering world class music workshops in Chiapas - in teaching, making new music together, and having an … [Read more...]

Observations on the Cynic

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Cut up by it, imagination Strangled by stripes of shame Painted poorly but purposefully by the kind of artist whose arrows are shot before they are aimed It burnt the blood from our dreams Smoke rings in the distant scatter lit city night, flashing dollars at us, so we can give them ours They've got fear to be proud of Deadly bullet talk, dead like bullets, shook from … [Read more...]

The Art of the Statement – Be the Mule

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I found humanity through music. I lose focus and grow cynical at times, but if I am honest as a listener, and remain receptive, the chance of transcending my emotional disturbances and triumphs through music remains. There's the possibility of unity, and humility, but always humanity, in sharing our art. The very idea of allowing our naked self to be exposed through what we … [Read more...]

The Time that John Lurie Called Me

The Time John Lurie Called Me by Todd Clouser / photo credit: Stephen Keates

My artistic, maybe even my personal, aesthetic had me identifying with the music of John Lurie the first time I heard his compositions on record. Close to a bunch of things I cannot, or do not care, to be. The celebration of the idea. The joy in imagination. But serious, measured, and often biting. Love in darkness. The acknowledgement that illusion permeates commercial music … [Read more...]

Remember When You Have A Son

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remember when you have a son nothing is erased words get stamped upon the letters that will fall from his full grown mouth that the window he sits before is curtained by the canvas colored humming of your stare or gentle smile your push or hold, grace or rain his language slurred by the reflections of campfire ashes in your eyes or the hallway light shadows underneath … [Read more...]