In honor of ruth weiss on her 85th birthday

The following is from: “ruth weiss and the American Beat movement of the ‘50s and 60’s” by Horst Spandler, published in: ruth weiss, no dancing aloud – lautes tanzen nicht erlaubt. edition exil, Vienna, 2006. – also used as an introduction to ruth weiss’ book can’t stop the beat – THE LIFE AND WORDS OF A BEAT POET. Divine Arts, Studio City, 2011.ruth weiss’ and Kerouac’s … [Read more...]

David Amram: To Laura for Ted Joans

David Amram: To Laura for Ted JoansDear Laura: - I just heard about Ted's passing and wanted to tell you how sorry I was, and hope you will know that you are not alone, and that many like myself (I knew Ted since 1956) will always miss him, as you and his children. - So will all the people around the world of all ages, whose lives he … [Read more...]

Robert Creeley: Ted Joans, Primary Poet

Sad news indeed that old friend and ally Ted Joans has died in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he'd been living for the past few years. Apparently his health, affected by diabetes, had not been good, and though there is as yet no clear report, that seems at the root of what's happened.What to say about this terrific, unbeatable and indefatigable person, wedder of bop … [Read more...]

Jack Foley Writes About Ted Joans

Jack Foley: GOODBYE, TED JOANSDon't let the minute spoil the hour.      --Ted JoansTed Joans died April 25th, 2003 at the age of 74. He was alone in his apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia. His body wasn't found until May 7th.It seems odd--and was in fact merely accidental--that Ted should have died alone: he was an immensely … [Read more...]

Ted Joans Lives! Words by T. Paul Ste. Marie

T. Paul Ste. Marie:My fortune in life, my true fortune of connecting with wonderful people, grew intensely as a result of knowing Ted & Laura here in Vancouver, B.C.. I had first met them at a reading Ted was giving at Bukowski's Bar & Grill. Being a poet and an artist myself who draws heavily upon jazz and surrealist influences, it was a joy to witness one of the … [Read more...]

Ted Joans Lives! Tribute (15)

Cordley CoitTed Joans   (unfinished documentary) Music: Ornette Coleman's Empty Foxhole Red beans and rice, wet pussy, nice. We know where the .38 lives where the rule of switchblades reign. We waited for Brother Malcolm, Orly: only for him he was diverted by death.Pause a full measure: Sax Solo From the last of Ted to Shakespeare & Co. Armed … [Read more...]

Ted Joans Lives! Tribute (14)

Harry Nudel:I must have 1st met Ted in the Summer of '79. I was selling books on Soho-St...he came by & i gave him a copy of my book...2 hrs later he was back "you WROTE this?"We hit it off. Ted who always needed a place to stay, lived with me for 3 weeks..he was the perfect if he was a pro.. somewhere there's a picture he took of ladder, … [Read more...]

Ted Joans Lives! Tribute (13)

Stephen Ronan:By the time of Ted's visits to City Lights I had attended at least one of his readings. Usually he would read at Cody's Books in Berkeley. I remember good turn-outs and a general delight with Ted's charismatic renditions of his poems of profundity and humor. He always seemed borne up by everyone's appreciation.He was singular in many ways not the least … [Read more...]

Ted Joans Lives! Tribute (12)

Gary Cummiskey:I met Ted Joans when he came out to South Africa in late 1993. I attended a workshop of his and was most impressed by his warmth, humour, humility and infectious creative spirit. He had emphasised the importance of simply 'writing down the poem', not worrying about issues of form or even reception, just get the poem out, let it live. I will also always … [Read more...]

Ted Joans Lives! Tribute (11)

John Bibby:I met Ted twice - in Timbuktu (1966) and in Algiers (1969).I remember his immortal first words - "Haben Sie Sardinen?" (I was wearing Lederhosen - he assumed I was German - and he was on the edge of the Sahara pining for sardines!)We spent much of the next week together on the top of a lorry trying to get to Niamey - I must admit, I found a week with … [Read more...]