2 poems and a video by Jeremiah Walton

Jeremiah Walton, poet

Campfire Psalms of the Lost and Angry And so we love We love the campfire, the stars, each other O how freely that we love each other! We love as a reaction We are angry. We are furious. This home-made compass is always pointing in the direction we’re going and we’re going. We love because […]

In Honor of Michael McClure’s Birthday

Michael McClure at the Sweetwater

Today, October 20, is Michael McClure’s birthday. Here are a few videos to celebrate! Michael McClure, Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, Jay Lane, & Jason Crosby From a performance at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, California, on September 12, 2013 Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek – “Pico Boulevard” This song comes from the brilliant […]

Celebrating Allen Ginsberg’s birthday with a few videos

Allen Ginsberg

In honor of Allen Ginsberg’s birthday (June 3, 1926), we’ve gathered a few videos together. We’ve got some poetry for you, a chant, and an interview or two. What are your favorite Ginsberg recordings? Please leave a comment below! Allen Ginsberg leads a chant in Chicago, 1968 ahead of the Democratic National Convention Hey, you […]

In honor of Jack’s birthday: 4 Kerouac Videos


In honor of Jack Kerouac’s birthday (March 12), here are some videos to enjoy. 1. Kerouac & friends in New York “Silent footage of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, and others in New York, Summer 1959. The location is in and around the Harmony Bar & Restaurant at E 9th St. and 3rd Ave. […]

Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric “Wake and Shake Your Heart” Video Premiere

News is good, and it is you we owe. Relix Magazine decided to take on our humble handheld operation and premiere our new video to the world. The world premiere of the “Wake and Shake Your Heart” video, filmed in Mexico City, mostly on my block there – Check it out at Relix