Websites for Writers, Poets, and Artists

Custom websites for writers and poets

If you’re a poet or writer (or otherwise involved in the arts), I can help you get the word out about your work.

I offer various services for poets, writers, artists, musicians, small businesses and organizations, including:

Read on for details on each of these services.

Websites for Poets, Writers & the Arts

I’ll create a website just for you that’s built to showcase your creative work. It’s a great way to share your words with the world, announce news, readings & events, build your social media presence, interact with your readers, and sell your books or art.

Not a writer or artist? That’s cool, too.

I’m glad to work with people, non-profits, and small businesses of all stripes. And, I’ve been doing it since 2000 so have the experience to do it right.

custom websites & blogs

Just need a place to share (for example) a poem or two, your contact information, brief bio & some news? A one-page website may be just what you need.

Or, to showcase the extent of your work, a larger website will let you stretch out and share larger amounts of your work, mp3s, and photos, sell books or CDs, publish a longer bio, share scheduled events, reviews, news, links, and whatever else you’d like.

Regardless of size, your new website will be designed with your needs & desires in mind, to present you & your work in the best possible light.

We can also provide webhosting, email accounts, detailed website statistics, website promotion & more.

Extra features such as a blog, discussion forum, or mailing list can also be added. There are many possibilities.

How much does it cost? Well, it depends. Since your site is unique in its needs, I’ll give you a quote based upon your particular requirements & desires.

And, if you have a particular budget, do let me know what it is – I can come likely come up with a solution to fit. New sites start at a few hundred dollars.

website redesign & updates

Got a website you’re not happy with? Does it need a complete redesign?

Or maybe just a little sprucing up, or some updates?

I can do that for you, too.

Want to see some examples?

For examples of previous websites I’ve designed, please visit my portfolio at Quanta Webdesign.

I’ve designed sites for poets & authors (e.g., Michael McClure, Ted Joans, Edwin Romond, Lenita Sheridan, Sue Westwind); musicians (e.g. Beyond from Within, Michael McClure & Ray Manzarek, Susie Flaherty), artists & photographers (e.g., Larry Keenan, Katie Pfeiffer, Diartspora Gallery) literary presses, magazines, as well as other small businesses and organizations.

How long does it take?

That depends. A simple site could possibly be up in two weeks; a more complex site may take over a month. However, much depends on how quickly you can get your content (text, photos, etc.) to me, and how quickly you approve the proposed design. And, if you have a deadline, be sure to let me know.

Once I know your needs, I can give you a time frame for completion.

get a free quote

Just email me with your details, telling me what you’d like to include on your site, & I’ll give you a quote.

Not sure what to put on your site? I can assist you with that, too.

Please email me for more details, and be sure to mention Empty Mirror.

Online website promotion & SEO

Do you already have a website but get few visitors? Want to amp up your internet presence?

It can be done. By doing some simple things (e.g., gaining quality, relevant links to your website; making small changes to your site’s text and coding; following best practices) your website can be more easily found in a search, and attract more visitors. I’ll analyze your site and see what we need to do to drive more visitors to your site.

Just email me, or visit my other site, Quanta Web Design & Promotion, to find out more.


I have 12 years experience in website design and promotion for the literary & arts community, and 20+ years of experience with small-press publishing (as a poet, editor & publisher). Need advice on getting a website, promoting your work online, or some other aspect of webdesign or the internet? Just get in touch. I’ll be glad to help you find your way.

How may I help you?

What can I do for you? Please email me (Denise) and let me know.