A Selected Bibliography, 1956-2002

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Titles beginning with a number are alphebetized as though the number were spelled.

THE ADEPT. New York: Delacorte, 1971. Hardcover.

ADVENTURES OF A NOVEL IN FOUR CHAPTERS. with Bruce Conner. [San Francisco]: Limetone Press, 1991.

AH YES. Poythress Press, 1976. Broadside.

AND I AM STILL LEARNING THE SHAPE OF THE LOVELY BOSOM. Berkeley: Arif Press, 1989. Broadside. 50 copies.

ANTECHAMBER. Berkeley: Poythress Press, 1977. Wrappers. 56 copies.

ANTECHAMBER. New York: New Directions, 1978. Wrappers.

THE BEARD. [San Francisco: Privately Published], 1965. Wrappers.

THE BEARD. [San Francisco]: Coyote, 1967. Wrappers. 4960 trade copies; 40 specially bound copies numbered and signed.

THE BEARD. New York: Grove Press, 1967. Wrappers. Two printings.

THE BEARD & VKTMS. New York: Grove Press, 1985. Simultaneously issued in hardcover & wrappers.

BERKELEY SONG. Berkeley: Moe's Books, 1988. Broadside.

BIG DUMB ANIMAL STATES. [Oakland: Privately Published, 2000]. Poster-sized broadside. 170 copies.

BIG LIPS. Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press, 1983. Broadside, published in 1983 PORTFOLIO, a collection including broadside poems by 9 poets.

THE BLOSSOM, OR BILLY THE KID. Milwaukee: Great Lakes Books, 1967. Wrappers. There were 500 numbered trade copies, as well as 10 numbered & signed copies, and 15 copies lettered & signed with a poem by the author.

BLUE-BLACK WINGED SPACE RAINBOW. [San Francisco: Privately Published, 1964.] Broadside, containing only one line. It does not bear Michael McClure's name.

THE BOOK OF BENJAMIN. Berkeley: Arif Press, 1982. with Wesley Tanner. 125 copies. Hardcover.

THE BOOK OF JOANNA. Berkeley: Sand Dollar, 1973. 400 trade copies, and 50 numbered & signed copies.

CARDS. San Francisco: Bruce Conner, 1970-1971. This is the second edition of LOBE KEY STILLED LIONMAN LACED WINGED APRIL RAPHAEL DANCE WIRY. The cards are much larger, and are in a hinged cloth-covered case printed "CARDS."

THE CHARLES OLSON MEMORIAL LECTURES. Buffalo: The State University of New York, 1980. Folded card; includes a poem beginning "LET ENERGY FLOW THROUGH THE SYSTEM."

THE CHERUB. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1970. 250 numbered and signed copies, and 26 lettered, signed copies with a drawing by the author.

[CHILDHOOD MEMORIES ARE LIKE THE SMALLNESS. [London: Cape Goliard Press, 1968]. Broadside.

CROSS SECTION. Lawrence, KS: Cottonwood Review, 1971. Broadside. Issued for a reading. 10.22.71.

THE DAILY VISION. [San Francisco: Privately Published, ca. 1984]. Wrappers. 100 copies: 74 unsigned; 26 lettered and signed by the author.

DARK BROWN. San Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1961. 725 copies in wrappers; 25 hardbound copies signed by the author. The second edition was published in 1967 by Dave Haselwood Books.

THE DERBY. [San Francisco: Privately Published], 1974. Comb-bound in wrappers. 20 copies.

DOTS OF CREATION. [New York: Jordan Davies], 1982. Broadside.

DOUBLE MURDER! VAHROOOOOOOR! [Los Angeles]: Wallace Berman, 1964. Broadside. Laid into an envelope entitled Semina 9.

DREAM TABLE. San Francisco: Dave Haselwood, 1965. 200 sets of 30 cards were published.

ESSAY ON THE MEDIA. [n.p.; n.p., ca. 1971]. Broadside.

EXTRACT FROM SCRATCHING THE BEAT SURFACE. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1982. Wrappers. An excerpt from the forthcoming book.

! THE FEAST ! San Francisco: The Batman Gallery, 1960. Mimeographed sheets.

A FIST FULL (1956-1957). Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1974. Wrappers, published as Sparrow 16.

FLEA 100. New York: Frank Hallman, 1975. A folded card. 150 copies.

FLEAS. Berkeley: [Privately Published], 1985. Wrappers. 100 copies: 75 copies in wrappers; 25 hardbound copies numbered and signed by the poet.

FLEAS 189-195. New York: Aloe Editions, 1974. Wrappers. 150 copies, all signed: 124 numbered copies; 26 lettered copies reserved for the poet & publisher.

FOR ARTAUD. New York: Totem Press, 1959. Published as Totem Blue Plate #2. Wrappers.

FORTUNE...BREAKS THE PATE OF FAITH.... St. Paul: The Fish in the Sky / Bookslinger, 1979. 100 copies.

FRAGMENTS OF PERSEUS. New York: Jordan Davies, 1978. 200 signed copies.

FRAGMENTS OF PERSEUS. New York: New Directions, 1983. wrappers.

FRANCESCO CLEMENTE: TESTA CODA. New York: Gagosian Gallery / Rizzoli, 1991. Wrappers. The text of this exhibition catalogue is by Michael McClure, whose interview with Francesco Clemente also appears here.

FREEWHEELIN FRANK, SECRETARY OF THE ANGELS. by Frank Reynolds, as told to Michael McClure. New York: Grove Press, 1967. Hardcover & wrappers. Contrary to what has been written elsewhere, the words in this book are solely those of Freewheelin Frank.

FROM THE NEW BOOK / A BOOK OF TORTURE. Cambridge, MA: Paterson Society, 1961. Broadside. Also known as PATERSON SOCIETY.

FUCK DEATH. [San Francisco: Privately Published, 1959.] A folded card, featuirng a horse's head surrounded by a horseshoe. FUCK DEATH is printed in capital letters at the top of the horseshoe. It does not bear Michael McClure's name.

GARGOYLE CARTOONS. New York: Delacorte, 1971. Hardcover & wrappers.

GENERAL GORGEOUS. New York: Dramatists Play Service, Inc, 1982. Wrappers.

GEORGE HERMS: SELECTED WORKS. Davis, CA: University of California, 1973. An essay, in the catalogue for an exhibition of Herms' work. The book also contains an essay by Robert Duncan.

GHOST TANTRAS. [San Francisco: Privately Published], 1964. Wrappers. 1500 copies.

GHOST TANTRAS. San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1969. Wrappers. Preceded by the privately published edition, 1964.

GLOAMING. Berkeley: Black Oak Books, 1986. Broadside. Published for the poet's reading at Black Oak Books in March 1986.

GORF AND THE BLIND DYKE (THE PURPLE HERO CYCLE). [San Francisco: Privately Published], 1972. Comb-bound in wrappers. 20 copies, all signed.

GORF, OR GORF AND THE BLIND DYKE. New York: New Directions, 1976. Hardcover & wrappers.

THE GRABBING OF THE FAIRY. St. Paul, MN: Truck Press, 1978. 900 trade copies; 100 casebound, numbered, and signed; 26 hardbound, lettered and signed, with a drawing by the author.

GRAHHR APRIL GRHARRR APRIL. [Buffalo: Gallery Upstairs Press, 1968.] Poster. A poem, reproduced from holograph & printed in fucshia ink against a background of a photograph of two lions roaring at the sea.

GRAHHR GROOOOOOOOOOOOO NYARR GARHOOOOOOOSH ROSE. [San Francisco: Privately Published, 1963.] Broadside, containing only one line. It does not bear Michael McClure's name.

HAIL THEE WHO PLAY. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1968. 250 copies in wrappers; 75 numbered hardcover copies, signed & with a drawing by the author.

HAIL THEE WHO PLAY. Berkeley: Sand Dollar, 1974. 700 copies in wrappers, of which 100 specially bound copies were not for sale.

HUGE DREAMS. New York: Penguin Poets, 1999. Wrappers. Reprints THE NEW BOOK / A BOOK OF TORTURE and STAR, along with the author's thoughts on the poems.

HYMNS TO ST. GERYON & OTHER POEMS. San Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1959. Wrappers.

HYMNS TO ST. GERYON & DARK BROWN. London: Cape Goliard, 1969. Two early books presented in one volume, bound tÍte bÍche (back-to-back). Hardcover & wrappers.

HYMNS TO ST. GERYON & DARK BROWN. San Francisco: Grey Fox Press, 1980. Wrappers.

INTERPENETRATION. Vancouver: Slug Press, 1984. Broadside. 175 copies.

ISAMU NOGUCHI AT GEMINI, 1982-1983. Los Angeles: Gemini G.E.L., 1983. Wrappers. Michael McClure wrote the text, an essay entitled "Noguchi Notes," for this exhibition catalogue.

IS THE INSTANT SO COMPLEX? Berkeley: Arif Press, 1973. Broadside. 50 copies.

JAGUAR SKIES. New York: New Directions, 1975. Hardcover & wrappers.

JOSEPHINE THE MOUSE SINGER. New York: New Directions, 1980. Wrappers.

KOMOS. [San Francisco: privately published, ca. 1972.] A folded card.

LETTER. New York: Jordan Davies, 1978. A folded card in envelope.

LIBERATION. Oakland: Mills College Tape Music Center, 1969. Broadside, issued in a large bag labeled "Free," along with 8 broadsides by other contributors.

LIE, SIT, STAND, BE STILL. with Robert Graham. San Francisco: Arion Press, 1995. 50 copies. A poem by Michael McClure with twenty-four lithographs by Robert Graham.

LIGHTING THE CORNERS. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1993. Wrappers. Though the colophon mentions a signed limited edition, this never transpired.

LION FIGHT. New York: Pierrepont Press, 1969. A deck of cards. 330 copies, all signed by the author: 300 numbered, 26 lettered, and 4 copies hors commerce. A total of 28 cards including the cover, half-title, title page, deck of 24 cards, colophon. The cards are in a hinged plastic box, which is in a cream-colored silk drawstring bag with a white satin cord.

LITTLE ODE. [New York]: Jennifer Melby & Jordan Davies, 1980. Folded card in envelope.

LITTLE ODES: Jan - March 1961. New York: Poets Press, 1968. 150 copies, numbered and signed, and 12 author's copies, hors commerce. The hors commerce copies were not numbered, but were designated with a star.

LITTLE ODES AND THE RAPTORS. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1969. 1000 trade copies in wrappers; 200 hardbound copies numbered & signed; 26 hardbound copies lettered & signed.

LOBE KEY STILLED LIONMAN LACED WINGED APRIL RAPHAEL DANCE WIRY. with Bruce Conner. [San Francisco, Dave Haselwood,] 1966. An envelope containing 26 cards, each printed with a mandala on one side, and with four words [one on each edge] on the reverse. The envelope's flap is printed "Bruce Conner 1966 Michael McClure;" LOBE KEY STILLED LIONMAN LACED WINGED APRIL RAPHAEL DANCE WIRY is printed on the front. Sometimes called by the name MANDALA DECK.

LOVE LION BOOK. San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation, 1966. The first printing consisted of 1000 copies, of which 40 were hardbound, numbered, and signed. There was a second printing in wrappers. Published as Writing 11.

LOVE LION CD. with Ray Manzarek. [n.p.] Shanachie, 1993.

LOVE LION LIONESS. [San Francisco: Privately Published, 1964.] Poster. Two matching tickets were printed for each poster.

LOVE LION VIDEO. with Ray Manzarek. New York: Mystic Fire Video, 1993.

[LOVE ME FOR THE FOOL] California, PA: the unspeakable visions of the individual, 1976. Postcard. This poem was later published in Antechamber as "Borrowed Feet."

THE MAD CUB. New York: Bantam, 1970. Wrappers.

THE MAD CUB. New York: Blue Moon Books, 1995. Wrappers.

THE MAD CUB. New York: Book-of-the-Month Club, 1995. Wrappers.

MADAME SECRETARY. Berkeley: Tangram, 2002. A broadside. 150 copies.

THE MAMMALS. San Francisco: Cranium Press, 1972. Wrappers.

[MANDALAS]. with Bruce Conner. San Francisco: Dave Haselwood, 1966. Wrappers. Also sometimes referred to as BOOK, [I KNOW NOW WHAT I DID NOT KNOW BEFORE], or [Repeated To Form A Square Enclosing A 36 Pt. Bullet].

THE MASKED CHOIR: A MASQUE IN THE SHAPE OF AN ENQUIRY INTO THE TREENA AND SHEENA MYTH. Kenosha, WI: Full Spectrum Editions / Light and Dust, 2000. Spiral Bound.

MAN OF MODERATION. New York: Frank Hallman, 1975. 400 copies in wrappers; 100 hardbound copies numbered & signed.

MEAT SCIENCE ESSAYS. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1963. Wrappers.

MEAT SCIENCE ESSAYS. San Francisco: City Lights Books, 1966. Wrappers. This expanded edition contains three essays not found in the 1963 publication: Phi Upsilon Kappa, Defense of Jayne Mansfield, and Reason. Also with a new preface.

MIND / BODY SPLIT.[Oakland]: Archer Press, [1974]. Illustrated by Charles Gill.

MUSCLED APPLE SWIFT. Los Angeles: Love Press, 1968. Wrappers. 150 copies, of which 63 were numbered & signed by the author.

MUSCLED APPLE SWIFT. Sacramento: Runcible Spoon, [1969]. Wrappers. 350 copies. Though the pubisher calls this a 'pirate edition,' it was published with the author's blessing. Originally published in 1968 by Love Press.

THE NEW BOOK / A BOOK OF TORTURE. New York: Grove Press, 1961. Wrappers. Two printings.

99 THESES. Lawrence, KS: Tansy /Wakarusa Press, 1972. Broadside.

91 WORDS FOR JOANNA. [Berkeley: Sand Dollar, 1973]. Broadside.

#189. [Oakland: Egg Press, 1967.] Broadside. 50 copies. Flea #189, illustrated by Ernie Cefalu.

OH CHRIST GOD LOVE CRY OF LOVE STIFFLED FURRED. San Francisco: Auerhahn Press, 1959. A broadside, folded, tipped into wrappers titled "The Auerhahn Press." Also including poems by John Wieners, Philip Lamantia, & Philip Whalen.

ON CORK MARCHESCHI. San Francisco: Vorpal Gallery, 1987. Folded brochure, an announcement for an exhibition by the sculptor Cork Marcheschi. Includes Michael McClure's essay on the artist's work.

ON ORGANISM. Canton, NY: Institute for Further Studies, 1974. Wrappers. Published as Curriculum of the Soul No. 24.

ON THE MOUNTAIN IS A CITY OF FOXES. Burnaby, B.C.: Simon Fraser University, 1984. Postcard. A poem taken from one of the poet's notebooks, reproduced in holograph on this large postcard.

PASSAGE. Big Sur: Jonathan Williams 1956. Wrappers.

A PERSONAL POEM (FOR SOME WISE PAINTERS: JAY, BRUCE, GEORGE, WALLY). San Francisco: Gallery Paule Anglim, 1986. Folded card, an announcement for an exhibition of work, "Sight Vision," by Bruce Conner, Jay De Feo, Wally Hedrick and Gorge Herms, which includes a poem by Michael McClure.

PEYOTE POEM. San Francisco: Wallace Berman, 1958. A broadside, folded, and tipped into a folder. The folder bears the titles PEYOTE POEM & Semina 3, and features a photo of two peyote buttons.

PILLOW. New York: New York Poets Theatre, 1961. Photocopied sheets.

PLANE POMES. New York: Phoenix Book Shop, 1969. 100 numbered and signed copies; 26 lettered and signed copies. Wrappers.

PLUM STONES: CARTOONS OF NO HEAVEN. Oakland: O Books, 2002. Wrappers.

POETRY IS A MUSCULAR PRINCIPLE. [Los Angeles, Privately Published, 1964.] Broadside.

POISONED WHEAT. San Francisco: [Privately Published], 1965. 576 copies in wrappers; 24 copies in hardcover, lettered and signed by the author.

POISONED WHEAT. San Francisco: Coyote, 1966. Wrappers.

POISONED WHEAT. [Vineyard Haven, MA]: Not Guilty Press, 1969. Wrappers. A pirated edition, limited to 50 copies.

POLITICS STARTS WITH THE BARREL OF A GUN. Oakland: Archer Press, 1977. Poster-sized broadside, published in a portfolio entitled FIVE / I / '77, a collection of five broadsides which also includes work by Philip Whalen, Anne Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, and Gregory Corso.

RAIN HAIKU. Berkeley: Tangram, 1992. Folded card. 100 copies.

RAIN MIRROR. New York: New Directions, 1999. Wrappers.

THE RAINS OF FEBRUARY. [n.p.: Bob Giorgio], 1979. Poster-sized broadside, featuring a poem by Michael McClure & illustrated by Bob Giorgio. 50 copies, all signed by both poet & artist. "Picture Poem X."

RARE ANGEL ((WRIT WITH RAVEN'S BLOOD)). [San Francisco: Privately Published], 1973. Comb-bound in wrappers. 20 copies, all signed.

RARE ANGEL. Los Angeles: Black Sparrow Press, 1974. Trade issue in wrappers, and 200 numbered, signed, and hardbound, and 26 lettered, signed, and hardbound with an original drawing by the author.

REBEL LIONS. New York: New Directions, 1991. Wrappers.

RED CAGES. San Francisco: Blue Beetle Press, 1992. Wrappers.

RED ROARS. [Oakland: Privately Published, 1999]. Poster-sized broadside. 160 copies.

THE RED SNAKE. [San Francisco: Privately Published], 1979. Wrappers. 26 copies, lettered and signed by the author.

ROBERT GRAHAM: EIGHT STATUES. New York: Gagosian Gallery, 1994. Wrappers. Text by Michael McClure.

ROSE MUSK ROSE AMBER. San Francisco: The Flash, A Scent Store, [1969].

SCRATCHING THE BEAT SURFACE. San Francisco: North Point Press, 1982. Hardcover & wrappers. Illustrated by Larry Keenan.

SCRATCHING THE BEAT SURFACE. New York: Penguin Books, 1994. Wrappers. Illustrated by Larry Keenan.

SEASONS. with Joanna McClure & Wesley Tanner. Berkeley: Arif Press, 1981. 170 copies. Poems by Michael McClure & Joanna McClure; illustration by Wesley Tanner.

SELECTED POEMS. New York: New Directions, 1986. Simultaneously issued in hardcover and wrappers.

SEPTEMBER BLACKBERRIES. [San Francisco: Privately Published, 1974]. Comb-bound, in wrappers. 20 copies.

SEPTEMBER BLACKBERRIES. New York: New Directions, 1974. Hardcover and wrappers.

THE SERMONS OF JEAN HARLOW AND THE CURSES OF BILLY THE KID. San Francisco: Four Seasons Foundation with Dave Haselwood Books, 1968. 1200 copies in wrappers; 50 hardbound copies signed by the author.

THE SHELL. London: Cape Goliard, 1969. Broadside in tube. A broadside, 25 cm in length, rolled & inserted into a tube which is tied with a ribbon. 300 numbered copies, the first 50 signed by the author.

SIMPLE EYES. New York: New Directions, 1992. wrappers.

SOLSTICE BLOSSOM. Berkeley: Arif Press, 1973. 100 signed coies, not for sale; 30 signed copies with a watercolor by Welsey Tanner, for sale.

SONG. [n.p.: Bob Giorgio], 1979. Poster-sized broadside, featuring a poem by Michael McClure & illustrated by Bob Giorgio. 50 copies, all signed by both poet & artist. "Picture Poem II."

SOUL CINDERS. Berkeley: The Bancroft Library Press, 1996. Wrappers. 45 copies.

SPECKS. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 1985. Wrappers.

A SPIRIT OF MT. TAMALPAIS. [San Francisco]: Book People, 1972. Broadside.

SPONTANEOUS HYMN TO KUNDALINI. New Orleans: Loujon Press, 1961. Broadside.

STAR. New York: Grove Press, 1970. Hardcover & wrappers.

THE STITCHING. Santa Barbara: Table Top Press, 1986. 100 copies numbered and signed by the author.

THE SURGE. Columbus, OH: Frontier Press, 1969. Wrappers.

THERE'S A WORD! with Ray Manzarek. [Oakland]: Rare Angel Music, 2001. CD.

THE THIRD MIND. with Ray Manzarek. New York: Mystic Fire Video, 2000. Videotape.

13 MAD SONNETS. Milano: East 128, 1964. Wrappers.

3 POEMS. New York: Penguin Poets, 1995. Wrappers. Reprints Dark Brown & Rare Angel and introduces a new poem, Dolphin Skull.

TO JAMES B. RECTOR. [San Francisco: Privately Published, 1969]. Broadside. Total number published unknown; 30 copies were signed and numbered.


TRANSFIGURATION. Cambridge: Pomegranate Press, 1973. broadside. 250 copies, signed and numbered.

TRIP: FOR JOANNA. [n.p: n.p.], 1972. Broadside. Published for a reading on 05.12.72.

TWO FOR BRUCE CONNER. San Francisco: Oyez, 1964. Broadside. The two poems are Centaur & Short Song. Printed by Auerhahn, as Oyez #1.

UNTO CAESAR. [San Francisco: Dave Haselwood, 1965]. Wrappers. The author's name does not appear on the book.

THE VELVET EDGE. [San Francisco: Privately Published, ca. 1980]. Wrappers. 26 copies, lettered and signed by the author.

VIDEO SUTRA NO. II (EXCERPTS FROM A POEM). [n.p, n.p., 1966]. Mimeographed sheets. Excepts from MANDALAS. 7 pages, 8.5 x 14 inches, printed on blue paper with a green cover.

WAR IS DECOR IN MY CAVERN CAVE. [San Francisco]: Communication Company, 1967. Broadside.

WE ARE IMPERVIOUS AS THE SKIN OF OUR DREAMS. [Los Angeles: Wallace Berman, 1960.] A broadside laid into a pocket in a folder entitled Semina 5.

WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A DEEP CLOUD. San Francisco: Wallace Berman, 1959. A broadside, laid into a portfolio, Semina 4.

WHAT CREVICES. [Berkeley]: Tangram, 1993. Wrappers. 190 copies.

WOLF NET PART ONE. London: Bonefold Imprint, [1972]. Wrappers. 500 copies printed, pirated from the June 1971 issue of Clear Creek.

THE WRITER'S FORUM.. Brockport, NY: State University College at Brockport, 1975. Folded card. Issued for a reading on 03.04.75. Contains a poem, "Finally," previously published in September Blackberries. An unknown number were published; 6 copies numbered & numbered, and marked "Editione Speziale" in the author's hand.



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