boards: the covers of a hardcover book

broadside: poem printed on a single sheet of paper

ca.: abbreviation for "circa," used when the date of publication is approximate.

colophon: a notation at the end of a book noting the facts of its production

dustjacket: paper cover that wraps around a book's covers

endpapers: colored pages at the front & back of a book

ephemera: non-book item, such as a handbill, announcement, ticket, photo, or advertising poster

laid in: loosely inserted into a book

n.d.: no date of publication is indicated on the book.

n.p.: if found before the colon, indicates no place of publication is indicated on the book.
        if found after the colon, indicates no publisher is indicated on the book.

tipped in: glued into a book

unaginated: the pages are unnumbered.

wrappers: the covers of a softcover book

[ ] Brackets indicate information which is not found on the book itself. Information has been gathered from other sources. If brackets surround a title, the item is untitled and the title use here was taken from the first line of the poem.


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