Charles Plymell

Cited in The World Book, 1978: "Most Promising Poet."
Known for his seminal classic prose book, The Last of the Moccasins.

Originally from Kansas where he performed Peyoterituals in 1950's
and K.C. Jazz Benzedrine scenes.

Published widely, collaborated with, and published many poets,
writers, and artists, including principals of the Beat Generation.

Published, printed, designed many underground magazines and books
with Pamela Beach, a namesake in avant-garde publishing, whom he married.

Moved to quite Russian neighborhood, rented a flat on the corner of Haight & Ashbury
in 1962, and watched kids (parents of the New Age) appear one by one, playing
sitars,smoking reefer, ingesting Sandoz, Owsley tabs and Mescaline.

Met Billy (Batman) Jharmark, who gave him his classic 1952 MGTD Roadster.
Plymell made collages and films which were exhibited at the Batman Gallery.

In 1963, he lived with Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg at
1403 Gough St.,and had a party where Beats met Hippies.

Decades later, in Soho at a gala opening,
Robert Williams introduced Plymell to Tony Shafarzi
as "Mr. Zap" because Plymell had printed the first
Robert Crumb Zap Comix as well as publishing
the first work of S. Clay Wilson when they
lived in Lawrence, Kansas in 1966.

By 1974, he and Pam founded Cherry Valley Editions
in Cherry Valley, NY. that published now rare items
only listed by collectors at such sites as
and Amazon entering "Charles Plymell."

His most recent book,
Hand on the Doorknob,
is available from
WaterRow Books.


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