Bobby Darin Was A Friend Of Mine serves as a fine compendium to Darin's autobiography Dream Lovers, but Al Aronowitz's book is much more than just another biography. It unfolds in a personal frame of reference as a conversational memoir involving Steve Blauner, Darin's manager, the author and
the singer.

There are some wonderful anecdotes about Darin's rise in the entertainment industry and of his meetings with George Burns, Frank Sinatra, folk singer Tim Hardin, Black Panther Huey Newton, and even Walter Winchell, who reportedly attended 21 of Bobby's performances in a row. I wonder if he knew about the Darin's habit of "wearing a condom" during his performances to avoid the embarrassing stain his serial orgasms would produce.

And throughout we learn about the increasing severity of Darin's various illnesses, his many lovers and wives, and, of course, his obsessive drive for fame and recognition. The book also offers some interesting perspective on Kevin Spacey's obsession to film Beyond The Sea and to sing Darin's songs in performance.

A highly entertaining and informative read...


Bobby Darin Was A Friend Of Mine
by Al Aronowitz
IBSN 1-4184-8575-6

Review © 2005 - Hammond Guthrie