Sixty Reasons Why Everybody Loves Eileen Ewing

On This Day In September (9/23/03)

S  exy

I  nnovative

X  quisit

T  alented

Y  outhful

R  andy P Jones

E  lectic

A  rtist

S  ensational

O  ne of a kind

N  ice

S  incere

W  ise

H  onest

Y  es she can

E  ceptional

V  ivacious

E  lectric

R  emarkable

Y  ing and yang

B  eautiful

O  rganic

D  irect

Y  ielding

L  earned

O  bliging

V  enus

E  volved

S  am

E  leen

I  ntuitive

L  ady

E  nchanting

E  nlightened

N  icole's friend

E  levated

W  oman

I  nstinctively

N  aturaly

G  orgeous

O  wl woman

N  ichiren Shoshu

T  ruthful

H  ealer

I  sis

S  eamstress

D  esigner

A  riel's mother

Y  ummy

I  incredible

N  aughty

S  eer


P  erceptive

T  eacher

E  nergetic

M  iranda's mother

B  uddhist

E  nviromentalist

R  edwood forest keeper

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