Depleted uranium children play games
across the way on radioactive topsoil
holding toxic oxides in their hands -

palm prints with a 4.5 billion year half-life

No longer needing night-vison goggles
to see villagers glowing in the dark
nose-bleed emetic daylight -

liberation grown cold

Eden sinking on the horizon
sons and daughters
husbands and wives -

the soldiers of misfortune

Leftover hellfire stains the mind
land full of error and disregard
convert reality's sand lot -

reminders of Homeland Insecurity

Stored in false-bottom containers
the static drain of toxic politics
leaching into the ground table -

the past awaits incineration

In double blind hypocrisy
caring is tossed to the wind
vision forgotten or left to waste -

permeating the oasis

© 2003 - Hammond Guthrie

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