Sitting In The Shadows of War

I sat and looked around
at what I might recognize,
a smell perhaps or sound - nothing

I sat very still thinking to not scare anything away with motion,
something or someone that might give me a clue to where I was
nothing - I called out - no reply came

So I simply continued to sit, quietly and wait
it seemed hours had passed, but shadows hadn't moved
the sun still at that early morning angle before it breaks over the treetops

When did I get here
how long had I been here
and more to the point, where had I come from?

It was what I imagine to be a perfect day

the sky, that buttery pink and blue of early morning opal -
the air a slight chill with the promise of warming as the sun rises

The sun wasn't rising and there were no morning birds
Still I was not afraid - just curious
had I slipped between two realities?

Was I dreaming?

Or was this the moment
just before death brings
the angels to you?

Soon I became aware of my breath - the steady in and out of it
with each breath I felt clearer - more centered
and then I could feel my heart beat

It seemed as though it was matching some other rhythm from somewhere else
a slight pulsing all around me - I suddenly felt invisible threadlike webs
connecting me to, not what was just around me - but to all things

I began to realize why there were no bird songs for me at that moment,
and why the sun was still, and why I could not find another soul
be it animal or human - and when I finally fully realized why

In that very moment - the birds chirped,
the shadows danced and the suns rays vibrated
it was because for that brief time I was one with all of it

None of it separate from me
I was and we all are one being
one entity - with one journey home.

© 2003 - Nicole Wills