Seig Howdy

not just mad Marxist-Lenninist scientists
using the name in fear and loathing

Ordinary liberals and libertarians looking over their shoulders
nervously describing secret courts, prisons and torturous
no Constitution terms of confinement government
propaganda scandalizing even the mildest critics in Bush Town.

Of fixed and future elections
billion dollar brain washing extravaganzas
once called political campaigns

How the conquest of Iraq
signals an ultra right wing conquest of America
Powell shuffles or is purged along with
Gay gun control Dixie Chick pro-abortion Republicans

Every one always knew it could happen here
Not by violence but by money
and the manipulation of minds

Emperor George has one last task before he's untouchable
Convince millions of Americans that the economy
tanked in the toilet because liberals opposed
giving billionaires every one's spare change

He sells that one and the goose step
becomes compulsory morning exercise.

© 2003 - Stew Albert

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