My Cellular is purely biophysical
my GPS is an inherited trait
and the only Palm is in my hand

Millions seem nourished by the frequency
yet frequently 'turning on' and 'tuning in'
will not encourage consciousness

No tExit here --

No DSL to increase the proto-plasm
nor plug-ins to reconfigure my DNA --
as I have no use for the microwave

Betting the presentense on early retirement
micro-toxic devices heat up the brain stem
proteins crossing blood-brain barriers of time

"Hello--Is anybody there?"

*The mobile phone industry has cut research
into health effects surrounding public relations
to stop wasting money, time, money and energy
looking for irradiated senile neurons.

"Hello--Does anybody care?"

Life as a child seemed so reliable --
alfalfa wind and black-eyed peas,
strolling rows of aged olive trees

Breeding quarter horses, slopping pigs
renting mules to neighboring farmers
when tractors were part of the future

An entire generation's pastime
so evocatively written about
yet nearly forgotten now --

As these better parts of life
routinely begin to shut down.

Incubus & Co.

Your cellular connections are lethal --
please hang them up now.

© 2005 - Hammond Guthrie

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