Voice of the Antichrist

Inside my own body, my will is law:

I leave nothing to chance.

No on record morality holds the power

To bend the fixed rod of my course.

I purchase and put on the fiery image that gives me power over the stars;

I admire myself, when day is done, in the frozen mirror of cocaine.

Circumstances fall to me, and jobs, and sales, and deals;

I reap my profits, invest them in global empire,

Because man is made to conquer the future, to cut his way, by pure self-will

To the galaxies of his ultimate form.

The findings of impartial research reveal my word to have been inevitable from the beginning;

The future is assured to my flesh;

Not another lives in my image.

I cut out the impostors

With knives, with military interventions,

With judiciously placed rumors, with massive transfers of capital;

I grip the wheel of the stock exchange, aiming for target center with the

Weapon of mobile assets; the pirates of my right and my left hands

Come from all the finest mafias and universities.....

I am without rival.

The sentimentalized face of God the Father

I have limited to residual pockets of sub-colonial darkness in rural backwaters;

The Virgin, too, is abducted by my warriors and bound to my desire;

Night and Silence have no power over my

Hard, undying light.

© 2004 - Charles Upton

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