4:33, The extended dance mix

The Spume of Angry Science

The shadow of invasion grows dark
upon the ancient cities of Babylon —
acres and acres of angry citizens
watch moonlit arias beyond terror
in a spectacular symphony of death.

An apocalyptic form of liberation
from suburban cowboy extras
with anger problems broke back
mirror images of sacred scrolls
reflected in a fictional library.

Meanwhile, across the street...

Symphonies of civil disobedience
shattered by yellow crime scene tape
against the spume of angry science
creates lost language echoing across
acres of paranoid tape-delays.

A festering decade of atonal silence
using broken oneway fun mirrors
eternally draped in bad grammar
gathering up fictional scientists
within a newfound language.

The afterdust of delayed paranoia
lives in a decade of power tools
and sacred suburban lawns that
decorate symbolic bad grammar
with yellow crime scene tape.

This newfound language speaks acres
of fictional science to angry librarians
with broken mirrors and bad grammar
atonally watching redundant terror
in support of apocalyptic liberation.

© 2006 - Zozo & Outo Monet

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